At a standstill (Whimsical Weekend #12)

Yeah…I’m not even ashamed to be posting this on Monday midnight. The truth is, I haven’t been motivated at all to come up with a proper post over the course of these two weeks. I’ve just been going through the standard routine of going to work every weekday and using my leisure time to indulge in whatever forms of entertainment may tickle my fancy. In particular, watching Twitch streams while doing some freelance coding is what I’ve been into lately. (Whom I watch depends mostly on the time of day, but is definitely the stream where I hang out most.)

I suppose, if there’s anything I would have felt like writing about if I had taken more time to think, it’s Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 1. Part of me wanted to save such talk until after completing the entire Re;Birth series, but later on I thought, “Well, it was recently that I decided that I had played the first installment to my heart’s content, so…” Wait, actually, I was considering optimizing the equipment of at least my main party members (Blanc, Noire, Vert, Ram, Neptune, and Nepgear), and I never really got around to that, so perhaps delaying that sort of talk is for the best.

I was also considering talking about the Conceptis Block-a-Pix app now that it’s recently come out on Android (I don’t have an iOS device), but there’s not much to talk about, considering I’ve done an entire analysis on the form of puzzle in question, so I’ll just say here what little I have to about the app. My main beef with it is: If you create a box around a number, the area of that box can exceed the number of tiles required by that number, whereas the site applet has a constraint for that. Second, in greater puzzle sizes on smaller screens (e.g., 30*45 on an 854*480 screen), it’s hard to tell ‘6’s from ‘8’s. The second one is not of dire importance and definitely not an easy fix (considering it’s the standard Conceptis font), but I’m hoping the first one gets fixed in a future update.

I guess that’s all for now.

 À la prochaine! (Until next time!)

…Hopefully I’ll actually have a substantial post by then…

What’s to come (Whimsical Weekend #9)

So, as of the beginning of this month, I have been privileged to work full-time, and my hours are similar to those that I had during the internship, only one hour later and with only half the commute. Because of this, and because I’ve been spending my leisure time in such weird ways, it’s become increasingly difficult to think of what to write for this blog. This is the second week after my most recent Poké Monday, but I can’t really think of anything that I’d like to write about at this time. For that reason, I will use this post to discuss my plans for the future. (I know this makes things less whimsical, but when I put my thoughts out front, it increases my inspiration to create new content.)

Memeathon X submission

Memeathon is a speedrunning marathon for meme categories and games. The duration of the upcoming Memeathon (Memeathon X) is from March 31 to April 2, and submissions (which opened on February 11) end on March 5. For that reason, I figured it would be the best opportunity to submit my main speedgame: Phoenotopia (the Flash game, of course). I mean, the game itself isn’t enough of a meme on its own, especially considering the non-meme categories range from 50 minutes to just above 2 hours long, so I submitted something shorter and more meme-related: 69 HP RTA. I’ve mentioned the category in at least one previous post, but the route has since changed for the better. Actually, rather than writing about it, perhaps it would be better to link a demonstration video:

I have done a few runs since changing the route, and I’ve completed the objective (getting a maximum HP value of 69) in less than 30 minutes on multiple occasions, although I don’t believe that it’s possible in under 29 minutes. Regardless, when I submitted the run, I used 34:30 as an estimate, although solely because it’s half of 69 minutes. Not a very generous estimate, but I’m hoping to make it work by rehearsing plenty. That’s assuming I’ll get accepted, though, and that’s not a 100% guarantee. If it does happen to be the case, however, I’ll make sure to post something about it on the Whimsical Weekend thereafter.

Phoenotopia any% post-commentated

Earlier this month, I did end up improving my Phoenotopia any% PB by roughly a minute; my record is now 50:53 RTA, 53 minutes in-game time. I streamed the run live on Twitch during midnight hours on that day, and the video without commentary can be viewed at (Sadly, Twitch videos cannot be embedded on this site quite like YouTube videos can.)

Currently, I am working on a commentary transcript so that I can eventually upload a post-commentated version to YouTube. The transcript right now covers about 23% of the video length, so there’s still work to be done in that department.

Juuou Mujin no Fafnir review

I’ve been meaning to do this for a while, but similarly to what I did with Mondaiji, I felt like doing a review of this series after finishing the 12th volume of the light novel (although the 12th apparently isn’t the last of Fafnir). It wasn’t until about a year ago that I delved into the world of light novels, and I chose this one second because I was so big a fan of Kili Surtr Muspelheim in the anime that I became insatiably curious about her. Currently, I am on chapter 3 part 4 of volume 12, making very gradual progress because I don’t read it all that actively (maybe once every few nights).


I have no idea, to be honest. Cinq du Soleil and Diamond Hollow II Story Mode New Save are still on the backlog, and I also plan on improving Phoenotopia categories other than any%, but everything else is up in the air.

Nowi Wins À la prochaine! (Until next time!)


Poké Monday update: Transition to Gen 7, compendium of Gen 6 analyses

The new generation has come. Pokémon Sun and Moon have been released worldwide, and I beat the game in roughly 48 hours (I haven’t quite enjoyed all of the postgame content, but I’ve at least gotten started), so I’m ready to adapt to the new generation. That’s right; Poké Monday will now involve random numbers generated from 1 to 802 (yes, including the unreleased Marshadow) and also start on a clean slate, meaning that Pokémon already reviewed on prior Poké Mondays will just be re-reviewed (especially due to the introduction of Alolan formes, notably Diglett). Speaking of which, let’s take a trip down memory lane and look back over the 6th generation analyses.


  • 7/28: Gigalith (526, NU) – Sturdy Stealth Rock user mostly outclassed by Golem
  • 8/11: Litleo (667, LC) – middling offensive Fire-type with an odd movepool and borderline-at-best Ability selection
  • 8/25: Latios (381, OU) – specially offensive Dragon/Psychic-type Trick/Defog user with Levitate
  • 9/8: Makuhita (296, LC) – slow Fighting-type with poor stats but a few unique traits
  • 9/22: Bronzor (436, LC) – bulky Steel-type that fell from grace after the transition to gen 6
  • 10/6: Malamar (687, NU) – Contrary Superpower user with better stats than Spinda
  • 10/20: Lampent (608, NU) – lower-tier Chandelure that can use Trick Room effectively
  • 11/3: Claydol (344, RU) – bulky Stealth Rock user resistant to EdgeQuake albeit weak to Knock Off
  • 11/17: Thundurus (642, OU/BL) – Electric-type special attacker with more speed in Incarnate forme but with more power in Therian forme
  • 12/1: Carbink (703, NU) – utility Pokémon with sky-high defenses but poor other stats
  • 12/15: Rapidash (78, NU) – fast physical Fire-type attacker with reliable recovery
  • 12/29: Sandslash (28, NU) – physically-oriented Ground-type Stealth Rock setter and Rapid Spin user that can also abuse sand


  • 1/12: Heatmor (631, NU) – slow and frail Fire-type mixed attacker with odd coverage options
  • 1/26: Floatzel (419, NU) – fast Water-type attacker with Switcheroo and Water Veil
  • 2/9: Bagon (371, LC) – Dragon-type physical attacker with exclusive access to Sheer Force Dragon Rush
  • 2/23: Kyogre (382, Uber) – strong Water-type special attacker with a new form of rain
  • 3/9: Watchog (505, NU) – Unova’s Route 1 Normal-type, has Analytic and a not-too-bad movepool
  • 3/23: Staraptor (398, BL) – Sinnoh’s Route (20)1 Flying-type, boasts strong Reckless base 120 (Attack and move power) dual STAB
  • 4/6: Nidoran♂ (32, LC) – Poison-type physical attacker with Hustle and Sucker Punch
  • 4/20: Krokorok (552, NU) – lower-tier Krookodile with solid dual STAB and great utility options
  • 5/4: Cloyster (91, UU) – the ultimate Skill Link and Shell Smash (ab)user
  • 5/18: Vigoroth (288, NU) – respectable NFE Normal-type with interesting utility in Bulk Up, Slack Off, and Taunt
  • 6/1: Vivillon (666, NU) – Quiver Dance user with Compound Eyes Sleep Powder and STAB Hurricane
  • 6/15: Tornadus (641, BL2/OU) – Defiant abuser on the Incarnate side, fast all-arounder on the Therian side
  • 6/29: Croconaw (159, NU) – lower-tier Feraligatr (Dragon Dance user with excellent Sheer Force coverage)
  • 7/13: Machoke (67, NU) – lower-tier Machamp (STAB No Guard Dynamic Punch abuser)
  • 7/27: Pineco (204, LC) – hazard setter with just the right amount of utility but hardly any offensive presence
  • 8/10: Plusle (311, NU) – the only Pokémon in existence with Lightning Rod and Baton Pass (as well as Nasty Plot)
  • 8/24: Cacturne (332, NU) – slow+frail attacker with STAB Sucker Punch and more
  • 9/7: Darmanitan (555, UU) – extremely strong Fire-type physical attacker with a gimmicky hidden ability
  • 9/21: Chesnaught (652, UU) – physical Grass-type tank with spiky utility
  • 10/5: Groudon (383, Uber) – tanky Stealth Rock setter with an amazing new forme
  • 10/19: Flaaffy (180, NU) – okay wall with okay utility options and Volt Switch
  • 11/2: Lopunny (428, OU) – extremely fast and decently strong Mega with Scrappy Normal/Fighting dual STAB
  • 11/16: Swanna (581, PU) – offensive Defogger with great coverage in its dual STABs
  • 11/30: Grovyle (253, PU) – outclassed Grass-type that can only rely on Unburden as a “niche”
  • 12/14: Yveltal (717, Uber) – strong Dark-type attacker with an odd stat layout
  • 12/28: Glalie (362, PU/RU) – base is a lead, Mega is an offensive threat


  • 1/11: Loudred (294, PU) – outclassed Normal-type with Scrappy Circle Throw as a “niche”
  • 1/25: Surskit (283, LC) – specially offensive Sticky Web user with respectable coverage
  • 2/8: Rhydon (112, NU) – strong EdgeQuake user with great bulk thanks to Eviolite
  • 2/22: Ludicolo (272, NU) – rain abuser with unique Water/Grass typing
  • 3/9: Horsea (116, LC) – one of many Water-types; a rain abuser (yeah, 3/9/15 is a Wednesday, because I had to postpone the article due to real-life matters)
  • 3/21: Gorebyss (368, NU) – specially offensive Shell Smash abuser
  • 4/4: Diglett (50, LC) – ridiculously fast, physically offensive Arena Trap abuser with some utility
  • 4/18: Petilil (548, LC) – sun abuser with a dual niche in Sleep Powder and Healing Wish
  • 6/9: Tyranitar (248, OU) – strong and bulky sand setter (6/9 is a Thursday, but again, had to postpone)
  • 6/20: Pumpkaboo (710, LC) – super size and small size have offensive and defensive potential, respectively
  • 7/4: Maractus (556, PU) – lower-tier cactus with an odd Ability in Storm Drain
  • 7/18: Dratini (147, LC) – notable Extreme Speed user with decent offensive prowess
  • 8/1: Sudowoodo (185, PU) – Rock-type with subpar base stats but niche access to Wood Hammer
  • 8/22: Feebas (349, LC) – like Magikarp except with TMs/HMs, Egg/Tutor moves, and Adaptability
  • 9/19: Helioptile (694, LC) – fast Electric-type special attacker with odd coverage an odd Ability in Dry Skin
  • 10/17: Poliwag (60, LC) – fast Belly Drum user with Hypnosis and decent coverage
  • 11/7: Rhyhorn (111, LC) – tanky Stealth Rock user with a poor set of Abilities


That aside, regarding Gen 7 analyses, I decided to change up the formatting a little, in hopes that I can not only accommodate the new Z-moves but also make the post look better in general. Shown below is a brief preview demonstrating some changes that I plan on making. (Specifically, this part of the review is meant to be between the Pokémon/RNG images and the “Overview” heading.)

For one thing, important words/numbers are bolded, including typing, base stats, Abilities, STAB moves, and Z-moves. What’s more is that I organized the notable moves based on my own judgement instead of just copying off of the usual list from Pokémon Showdown. This way, I can set aside moves that are universal (like Frustration/Return and Toxic), weak, redundant, and/or come off of a far weaker attacking stat. In this case, I omitted: Dark-type attacks because they are redundant with Ghost STAB; special attacks because of the base 50 Special Attack; Trick Room because of the base 96 Speed; and other moves that have situational-at-best effects in general.

Thinking further beyond, I will no longer provide sample teams; the associated segment will be replaced with a different segment named “Problems and Partners,” which elaborates upon two different sets of Pokémon: those that are threatening to the reviewed Pokémon, and those that would make good teammates for the reviewed Pokémon. Again, a brief preview:


Nowi Wins I think that’s all I have to say for now. Stay tuned for the next review, which will come out before midnight (eastern time) tonight!


Another schedule change

Yeah, I’m doing this again. Apparently, as occupied as I am with the internship (which is more than I had initially thought), even limiting my activity on this blog to weekends doesn’t seem to be enough for me. In that sense, all I can think to do is limit it to every other weekend, starting this weekend when I will have the next Poké Monday posted.

Nowi Wins That’s all that I feel like saying for now. Please understand.

Update: Now focused on weekends

Nowi Wins Salutations. I’m the guy who does this blog thing, and I’m here to bring news. In light of receiving an internship with 7-3:30 workdays and a 1-hour commute (thereby being required to be up by 5:30), I realize that my current schedule is kind of a flop, especially considering Spontaneous Series Saturday never actually happened (but it was spontaneous all the same, if you catch my drift). This was made especially evident last night, when I slept at midnight and woke up 4 hours later, all in a successful although risky attempt to publish the most recent Poké Monday before midnight. I was fortunate enough to not fall asleep on the job, but I never want to take that risk again.

For that reason, I am proposing a new idea for this blog: Whimsical Weekend. It’s like Spontaneous Saturday, only it can be applied to Sunday as well. Every other weekend, I will talk about…basically whatever’s on my mind and in my element.

In spite of what happened last night, Poké Monday will still be running, although I will make sure that I don’t wait until the last minute and instead have installments ready before I sleep (preferably by 11 PM) on the Sunday prior. That’s what’ll be happening every other other week.

Sadly, those are officially the only two series of this blog…but, here’s another budget-quality banner:

wow it's effing nothing

Okay, that’s all I have to say.

Nowi Wins À la prochaine…j’espère. (Until next time…I hope.)

Back from hiatus! Anniversary potpourri (Thought Dump Thursday 6/2/16)

If nothing else, I’ve taken care of the class that I was having trouble with (or at least I think I did; I still haven’t received a grade yet, but I believe I did as well as I could). While I am still job hunting, I certainly feel more free than I did before I went on hiatus.

Nowi Wins So, I’ll take a moment to make this post as a (somewhat late) celebration of the second anniversary of my first post on this blog! Nowi Wins


Where to start? Phoenotopia, of course! I recently established a new personal best in 100% – 1:48:16 RTA [1h 50m IGT].

Here’s a Q&A:
and here are some notes:

I don’t have a detailed route this time, just a set of notes that I use to make sure everything has been accounted for.

As before, note that I will be using timestamps very frequently throughout this writing, and they pertain to the video, not the splits.

First off, I wish to go over the new strats that have been introduced to the route:

  • Instead of Sunflower Road dupes, dupe in Duri Forest frog room [7:49] and break the eastern Sunflower Road chest normally [13:15] (Door Push to bypass the first key door [6:00])
  • Move Bandits’ Lair “pit of hell” moonstone to backtrack (was planned to be implemented, but I ended up making a mistake and having to improvise my way out of it [19:46])
  • Pot Head Clip through barricade for second key (in Bandits’ Lair) [21:05]; use Tumond near the end of Daea prison [42:44]
  • Swat at the Ghost Wasp swarm on the way to Misty Gorge Heart Ruby instead of standing still and letting them attack [27:53]
  • In Daea, use Pot Head Clipping to obtain the first moonstone as opposed to the intended way (Remember to let the chest rest on your head before jumping!) [33:57]
  • Substitute Daea sewer dupe for Cell CIII dupe (20 extra Rai) [38:01]
  • Move KMG Heart Ruby over to Prince Tower backtrack [1:29:13]
  • Door Push to obtain the moonstone past the O-door in Dread Lands prior to backtracking (also removes the need to obtain the extra O-key) [51:16]
  • Pot Head Clip past the second X-door (in Dread Lands) with the moonstone pot on the same screen [53:26] (note that backtracking requires another Pot Head Clip, although not necessarily with the pot [1:36:43])
  • Move buying the Gold Bar from Atai 3 to Atai 4 (To get to the shop 2F quickly, do a speedy midair throw with the Javelin from the first impermeable roof on the left) [1:18:48]
  • Extra Honey for Atai well (starting at the barricades (actually revised to a later point [1:10:13]); Pot Head Clip [1:09:41] instead of going for the switches)
  • Save Lab moonstone in Panselo [1:15:14] for last; use the Pot Head Clipping method [1:14:31] to get the other two
  • For Sunflower Road west moonstone, find two leaves positioned the same horizontally and hover from the top leaf [1:16:58]
  • Do Misty Gorge 2 before Adar’s House 2 so that the honey boost from Atai 4 carries over to the Translucent Meat farm (making it faster) (once again, was planned to be implemented, but I decided to change course because I got the Translucent Meat early)
  • Major rerouting of Forgotten Forest (, but preferably with pressure plate puzzle over Javelin Bomb Jump) [1:37:37]

I will totally admit that the run has its fair share of execution faults (and I’m especially bitter that I failed Arc Skip of all things [1:03:11]), but I don’t think there’s any way that I can improve the route any further. I have to say, though, it’s good to know that Pot Head Clipping and Door Pushing have uses beyond the applications through which I discovered them. Pot Head Clipping in particular has become a lot more useful, especially now that I found out two things about it that I didn’t know before:

  1. You can clip past a key door from the left, even with nothing behind you (but when you clip from the right, there does have to be something behind you)
  2. If the container on your head contains a moonstone or inventory item, performing the clip while the container is stationary will cause Gale to collect the item and jump afterwards.

The following GIFs below (captured using Giphy) demonstrate both of the above points at once.

It’s gone a long way from having more use clipping out of bounds than saving time, to be sure.

Also, when developing the route, I didn’t completely factor in what would happen if you were to obtain Translucent Meat from the Ghost Wasp swarm guarding the Misty Gorge Heart Ruby. It’s easy, though: just do the delivery and Sandwich stuff a bit earlier. It throws the route a bit out of whack, but not to an irreparable extent.

Additionally, while I was rehearsing and fine-tuning the movements required for ideal execution, I found some tricks that will prove to be useful in improving my any% time as well:

  • Charge-attacking the toads at 3:47
  • The movement tech at 6:16
  • Because of the nature of the rubble between Adar’s House and the bomb cave (at 17:33), I now know that it’s better to not use a Jar of Honey until after blowing up that rubble.
  • Getting more risky with the dog and guard at 37:37
  • A better way to initiate the “guard gauntlet” (as I call it) at 40:11
  • Minor optimization for the first floor of Prince Tower (at 43:32)
  • Picking up the bomb at 50:46 and using it to blow up the rolling bombs at 50:52 (faster than using any inventory item)
  • The Pot Head Clip to skip the second X-door in Dread Lands (best demonstrated at 1:36:43) is useful for any% as well
  • Pulling out a bomb (like at 1:02:44) in order to make it easier to break the set of crates containing the one E-Soda in the route
  • Using bombs like the one placed at 1:44:08 to disable the smaller eyes of Big Eye without having to shine the Artifact on them (as I witnessed in a rehearsal run, this could lead to defeating Big Eye before it gets to its second phase of ropes and spheres)

Keeping these tips in mind, I was doing a bit of practice on any%, and I vividly recall that I ended up with 55m in-game time. The question remains whether sub-53 RTA is possible, however. That said, I feel like it is possible, but at the same time, I have this lingering suspicion that it will take a while to grind.

The most important fact about Phoenotopia that I have to share, however, is as follows: Loot Duping is not pixel-perfect; it has a three-pixel window. As such, I apologize for all the posts and runs in which I assumed otherwise. On the bright side, this fact makes it so that I don’t have to waste as much time Loot Duping on average. In light of recently discovering this fact, I created a new document based on what loot containers can and cannot be duped (which is like the Loot Dupe Positioning document that I had formerly compiled, but more detailed and with a few more loot containers that I missed):


Second, here’s a rundown of my progress through Fire Emblem Fates (Birthright). I’ve made it to Chapter 27, with only one unit lost but several resets along with that. I tried to make it with as few resets as possible, but most, if not all, of the resets were on the grounds of being fatally unprepared.

One particular example I can think of is in Mitama’s paralogue. The thing is, when I play Fire Emblem, I usually play on the defensive, taking into consideration the potential damage outputs of all enemies and using that insight to take an action that would make all my units statistically incapable of dying (if possible). However, this sort of mentality meant that protecting the building in the middle of the area was something that never crossed my mind, and that led me to realize a vital fact that I learned the hard way: if an Adventurer reaches that building, it’s instantly destroyed. When this happened on my first run-through, I could not accept the fate of never meeting Azama’s child, so I saw fit to reset. On the second run-through, though, I went on the offensive (as much as I could, anyway), making sure that Azama (and Rinkah) made it to the building as soon as possible, and it worked out much better.

Another such example is in Chapter 23, wherein I carelessly sent Caeldori and Kiragi as far up from the far right as I possibly could, thinking it would be completely fine. However, I learned the hard way that Camilla had access to a trio of Dragon Veins right beside her, a vital fact that I didn’t notice before I ended turn 1. The veins in question trigger heat waves that deal exactly 10 damage to allied units—and destroy obstacles—in the path thereof, and the fact of the heat waves destroying obstacles was what led my unfortunate pair to winding up in fatal danger. I felt that I could not accept this fate because I had no prior knowledge of those Dragon Veins whatsoever, even though I could have (although I probably wouldn’t have guessed that the Dragon Vein had the side effect of destroying obstacles), hence the reset. Also, the fact that those Dragon Veins can be used infinitely makes the situation all the more frustrating.

Anyway, regarding the loss that I actually accepted, it was the unfortunate and irreplaceable death of Azura, in Asugi’s paralogue. This paralogue in general was a toughie, forcing me to play more aggressively than I would normally deem comfortable. In spite of this, there was a point in the mission where I felt like I could rest easy for a moment…at least, that’s what I thought, until an Adventurer on the left side opened the door closest to the boss, and some Sniper—whom I hadn’t factored in at all—was in range of Azura and straight OHKO’d her. I could have avoided the chance of the OHKO (and maybe avoided the OHKO altogether) if she had been wielding the Dual Nagitana in her inventory, but the enemy had just come out of left field, and it’s normal to want to have a 1-2 range weapon (Bolt Nagitana) equipped by default when it comes to emergency situations like that. Plus, I just didn’t want to reset on that one because I couldn’t be bothered to do the whole mission again from scratch.

To end off this section, here is an updated unit overview. All pairs are S-rank unless specified otherwise. Also, I decided to remove prize units (and bond units) because I can’t be bothered to list all of them, considering I have the maximum allowable quantity.

  • Draco (Lv.21 Hoshido Noble) + Hinoka (Lv.21 Falcon Knight)
  • Shigure (Lv.18 Falcon Knight) + Kana (Lv.17 Hoshido Noble)
  • Rinkah (Lv.16 Blacksmith) + Azama (Lv.18 Great Master)
  • Oboro (Lv.17 Spear Master) + Saizo (Lv.18 Master Ninja)
  • Asugi (Lv.16 Mechanist) + Sophie (Lv.15 Great Knight)
  • Caeldori (Lv.11 Falcon Knight) + Kiragi (Lv.12 Sniper)
  • Hisame (Lv.13 Swordmaster) + Rhajat (Lv.33 Witch)
  • Hayato (Lv.14 Basara) + Sakura (Lv.13 Onmyoji)
  • Setsuna (Lv.8 Sniper) + Takumi (Lv.7 Kinshi Knight)
  • Kaden (Lv.6 Nine-Tails) + Hana (Lv.6 Master of Arms)
  • Silas (Lv.5 Paladin) + Mozu (Lv.5 Merchant)
  • Felicia (Lv.30 Maid) [married Hinata when he was alive]
  • Subaki (Lv.7 Kinshi Knight) [married Azura when she was alive]
  • Kagero (Lv.2 Mechanist) [married Kaze when he was alive]
  • Mitama (Lv.5 Priestess)
  • Selkie (Lv.4 Nine-Tails)
  • Yukimura (Lv.10 Mechanist)
  • Shura (Lv.10 Adventurer)
  • Izana (Lv.5 Onmyoji)
  • Ryoma (Lv.4 Swordmaster)
  • Jakob (Lv.13 Butler)
  • Reina (Lv.2 Kinshi Knight)
  • Scarlet (Lv.1 Wyvern Lord)


Finally, some brief talk about the anime that I’m currently watching this season.

  • Uchuu Patrol Luluco – The story of a “normal” girl who goes through some wacky adventures involving interplanetary stuff. Think Kill la Kill but with a more Mako-like protagonist and 7-minute episodes.
  • Gyakuten Saiban: Sono “Shinjitsu”, Igi Ari! – Animated Phoenix Wright. I enjoy it, although I find the art style to be a little unsettling. It seems to follow the games very closely, although I haven’t played past the Steel Samurai case, so everything beyond that case is kind of a fresh experience for me. (Even then, it’s been a while since then, so it was nice to have a refresher as well.)
  • Gakusen Toshi Asterisk 2nd season – Not much difference from the first season except less ecchi and more seriousness. I guess I’ve warmed up to some of the characters (especially the ones whom I initially disliked or overlooked), Saya is still best girl, and I’ve settled on a true worst girl. I won’t spoil anything further because I plan on doing a full review of this in the near future.
  • Boku no Hero AcademiaDon’t watch an anime called Boku. Just kidding; this anime’s great. It’s about superheroes and stuff, like One Punch Man but with a more fledgeling protagonist. Can confirm that frog girl is best girl. (She needs more screentime, though.)
  • Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu – Where the protagonist is given a mulligan every time he dies…apparently. I didn’t think much of this anime when I watched the first episode of it, but when I noticed it getting popular, I decided to delve further into it, and now I can understand its popularity…at least to an extent. Incidentally, I didn’t realize until episode 2 or 3 that I had actually read 11 chapters of the manga, although that was so long ago that the only memories that I used to make the connection were based on the thief girl and the bulky dark-skinned man. In short, it’s kind of a slow start, but it gets great.


Nowi Wins That’s all for today! Vouiv-review is back on its regular schedule until I say otherwise!