More About Me (who I am and what I am doing)

Who I am

I am a 20-year-old (as of 9/13/2014) Canadian-American boy (English Canadian, by the way) who harbors an interest in technology—frequenter of the Internet and consumer of electronic entertainment. I am mainly known as Vouivre Critique, and I am a resident of a number of social or semi-social websites.

Behind the name Vouivre Critique

From my MyAnimeList profile: “It all started when I bought Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock for the Wii. The game allows you to give yourself a name of up to 16 characters. I started out as Hidden Insanity, but I changed my name to Echec Critique (French for ‘critical failure’) a month or two after. A year or so after that, I got to know a Guitar Hero Wii group started on Facebook called Team Wyvern. Since I was a part of it, I decided to rename myself Vouivre Critique (French for ‘critical wyvern’) to commemorate my inauguration. I also changed my icon to the one I’m using right now (took me a while to figure out what to use as an icon, to be honest).”

Okay, I’ll be honest: the reason why I know the word “vouivre” in the first place is thanks to the French translation of Final Fantasy Tactics A2 (which, truth be told, constitutes at least 15% of the French I know). Through my experience on Twitch, very few people know how to correctly pronounce “vouivre”, so most of them just call me Critique. If it helps, think of the first four letters as “oui” with a “v”.

As for my other usernames, my Smogon username comes from the French name of Galvantula (as I once stated in Top Three Thursday 8/7), my MyAnimeList username comes from a random fusion of Vouivre, Echec, and the memetic character Weegee, and my Steam username comes from the character You Kasukabe from my all-time favorite anime.

What I am doing here

I found out about this website through my brother. He and I thought at first that we had to resort to, the more professional counterpart, but then I found, the more accessible one, by hazard and started sandboxing with it. It is a nifty website, I must say—a nice place to deposit the thoughts that linger in my mind. Some time near the beginning of June, I decided to start up this blog, Vouiv-review, where I can share my thoughts to the public about stuff I like without having to be too shy about it. You could say it has become my comfort zone of social media. While I am sometimes pressured to be more conscious about what I post now that this blog has followers (which I did not expect at any time between then and my debut), I will try to keep it together and just write whatever comes to mind.

Nowi Wins Thanks for reading!


Feedback is always appreciated!

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