Surskit (Poké Monday 1/25/16)

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Tier: LC
Type: Bug/Water
Base Stats: 40 HP, 30 Atk, 32 Def, 50 Sp.Atk, 52 Sp.Def, 65 Speed
Abilities: Swift Swim, Rain Dish (hidden)

Usable moves: Agility, Aqua Jet, Baton Pass, Blizzard, Double-Edge, Façade, Frustration, Giga Drain, Haze, Hidden Power (Electric, Fighting, Fire, Grass, Ice), Hydro Pump, Ice Beam, Protect, Quick Attack, Rest, Return, Scald, Shadow Ball, Signal Beam, Sleep Talk, Sticky Web, Substitute, Toxic


Surskit has a unique typing in Bug/Water, the only existing type combination that is naturally resistant to both Ice and Ground. That’s not its selling point, though; its selling point is that it is one of only three LC-legal Sticky Web users (the others being Sewaddle and Spinarak) and has the best Speed, secondary typing, and coverage of the three.

The main purpose of Surskit is to set up Sticky Web, with which it can support its team (and, in some situations, itself) by slowing grounded switch-ins as long as the hazard remains on the field, and chip away at the opposing team using its strong offensive options backed with its respectable 14 SpA (given max investment and neutral nature) and above average 17 maximum Speed. It is not without its weaknesses, however; its physical bulk is poor, its special bulk is merely average, and it’s weak to common attacking types in Electric, Rock, and Flying. This is especially problematic when faced with Anorith, who is guaranteed to go first and KO with Rock Blast.


Surskit @ Focus Sash
Ability: Swift Swim
Level: 5
EVs: 36 HP / 20 Def / 196 SpA / 20 SpD / 236 Spe
Timid Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
– Sticky Web
– Hydro Pump
– Signal Beam
– Giga Drain

Sticky Web is a mandatory move on this set; if you’re not running Sticky Web on Surskit, you’re doing it wrong. Hydro Pump is its strongest STAB move that has great coverage in itself; every team should be prepared to take on Water-type attackers. Signal Beam is its supplementary STAB that hits Grass-types harder than Hydro Pump. Giga Drain gives it coverage against opposing Water-types and, on a less important note, lets it regain lost health.

Focus Sash is the item of choice because Surskit is too frail to take hits on its own, even with Eviolite (but watch out for Rock Blast). Swift Swim is the ability of choice because Surskit is offensively based and therefore has no need for Rain Dish, not to mention having Swift Swim allows Surskit to keep up with rain teams—which, albeit rare, actually exist. EVs are focused primarily on SpA and Speed, with filler EVs dumped into bulk, as frail as Surskit is. Timid nature is required for Surskit to keep up with base 63-72 Speed Pokémon and outspeed base 55-62 (base 53 and 54 are nonexistent in LC). Attack IV is set to 0 to reduce damage from confusion and Foul Play.

Other Options

Protect is an option to defend Surskit from Fake Out and keep its Sash intact, but it serves little purpose otherwise. Ice Beam, although weaker than Signal Beam given the same efficacy, hits various Grass-types (such as Foongus) and most Dragon-types harder, while also hitting Flying-types significantly harder and therefore giving it the potential to discourage Defoggers. And…that’s about it.

Sample Team – Not much room for explanation with this team. I mainly built it around Sticky Web; that’s all there is to it.

This team contains:

  • Surskit (set above)
  • Wooper to discourage setup sweepers
  • Houndour to take care of (most) Grass-types
  • Anorith for Stealth Rock and hazard control
  • Foongus for soaking up hits and forming a sort of wall core with Wooper
  • Pawniard to discourage Defog

No spinblockers, but eh. I don’t feel like a Ghost-type would fit very well on this team, plus I fear that Knock Off will destroy said Ghost-type.