The story continues (Monthly Musing, Feb 2019)

Previously on Vouiv-review:

And now…it’s been more than a year and a half. You could say my pace has slowed threefold and not be wrong. This and that have been happening: writer’s block, adult responsibilities, other entertainment, etc. etc. But I have now succeeded in finding inspiration enough to complete the third part. I’ll also list the others in case you missed them.

Between the new chapter set and the previous, I am becoming increasingly aware of how much harder the story is to construct the more it develops. The notable difficulty is keeping things fresh while staying consistent with prior elements, or possibly tying up loose ends without being repetitive. And if you recall when I mentioned in my second post how difficult it was to write Chapter 8, the same sort of thing happened with Chapter 13 (and, to a lesser extent, Chapter 12) due to the abundance of casual events and setting the stage for the obligatory [tournament] arc coming up in the next chapter set. (It’s hinted at in Chapter 9, but I’ll hide it just in case.)

By the way, if Chapter 13 seems rushed, that’s because it kinda is. Among the characters, concepts, and tying up loose ends, there was so much to fit in that I suddenly had less room for fully planning and explaining the five days compressed into the one chapter, by which the part lengths turned out rather inconsistent. It was all for the sake of not making the part document too long, using the previous part as a maximum.

I don’t feel inclined to go into too much further detail here, so I’ll just list the number of pages per chapter. There are bits of white text in here, so use caution when highlighting.

  • Introductory content: 7
  • Chapter 1: 11
  • Chapter 2: 15
  • Chapter 3: 15
  • Chapter 4: 24 including 4.5
  • Chapter 5: 13
  • Chapter 6: 14
  • Chapter 7: 20
  • Chapter 8: 35 including 8.5 and alchemy combinations
  • Chapter 9: 26
  • Chapter 10: 20
  • Chapter 11: 15
  • Chapter 12: 16 including Hibari’s “information sheet”
  • Chapter 13: 40 (11-page part 1, 8-page part 2, 10-page part 3, 6-page part 4, and 5-page part 5)

Chapter sets in respective order have 87, 101, and 101 pages (including the table of contents).


À la prochaine! (Until next time!)

Feedback is always appreciated!

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