At a standstill 5 (Whimsical Weekend #28)

Yeah, um…I feel like I didn’t manage my time very wisely over the past few weeks. The core of it: I wanted to complete all eight main stories of Octopath Traveler before embarking on my first company travel (and, in fact, my first time traveling out of state without family, not to mention my first time traveling by plane since my infancy). I didn’t break the news of the planned travel to my parents until dinner hour of the day before (Monday through Friday is the exact duration of the trip), which was mistake number one because the implications of it were more complicated than I had envisioned.

I wanted to do a brief overview of the Octopath characters before I left, but it’s too late now because I have to get up way early in the morning. And between the emotional music/events of the Octopath endgame (particularly the Chapter 4 boss theme) and the anxiety of traveling with such a series of firsts, I just felt too many emotions for the writing to be on the forefront of my mind. That said, I am tired of doing things like this and leaving nothing but teasers to the humble audience of this blog, so there is a chance that I will later come out with something more elaborate than what I had envisioned for this weekend’s post. As for how later…that’s part of the whimsy.

(In other news, I’m up to floor 60 of Neptral Tower in Re;Birth 2 and 2/3 through the Korok seeds in Breath of the Wild.)


 À la prochaine! (Until next time!)

Yanma (Poké Monday 8/13/18)

Shoot, I forgot about this until the last day.


Type: Bug/Flying

Base Stats:

  • 65 HP
  • 65 Attack
  • 45 Defense
  • 75 Special Attack
  • 45 Special Defense
  • 95 Speed

Ability choices:

  • Speed Boost Yanma have their Speed increased by 1 stage at the end of every turn.
  • Compound Eyes Yanma are 1.3* more likely to hit with their moves.
  • Frisk Yanma reveal the held items of all active opponents upon switching in. (Hidden Ability)

Notable physical attacks: U-turn

Notable special attacks: Air SlashBug Buzz, Giga Drain, Psychic, Shadow Ball

Notable status moves: Defog, Hypnosis, Tailwind

Notable Z-moves:

  • Z-Hypnosis (Psychic) – Grants +1 Speed with one use of Hypnosis.


Yanma’s evolution may not be at the lowest tier, but it itself lacks the means to thrive in the tier. As if being Bug/Flying—having five weaknesses including a quad weakness to Rock—wasn’t bad enough, Yanma is not even a good Bug/Flying type. The specially oriented ones have Quiver Dance, while the physical ones (Scyther and Ninjask) have more daunting offensive stats.

All I can say in favor of Yanma is that it’s a specially oriented Speed Boost user faster than Combusken.


Yanma @ Choice Specs
Ability: Speed Boost
EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Modest Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
– Air Slash
– Bug Buzz
– Psychic
– Giga Drain

A simple all-out offensive set to deal decent damage against slower foes and use Speed Boost to become difficult to revenge. Air Slash and Bug Buzz are its primary STAB moves, given that they deal the most damage. For coverage options, Psychic hits Poison-types, while Giga Drain hits Rock-types and provides a sliver of extra longevity.

EVs and Nature promote special offense, prioritizing damage output because Speed Boost helps with its Speed.

Other Options

Shadow Ball is a coverage option primarily for Mr. Mime and additionally for some Ghost-types (namely Banette, Drifblim, and Oricorio-Sensu). Hidden Power Ground or Fighting is considerable for Aggron and Probopass, which wall the standard set.

On the non-offensive side, the combination of Hypnosis and Compound Eyes is its best bet. 78% accuracy is not that impressive, but unlike the more orthodox Sleep Powder, it affects Grass-types. And that’s without mentioning that it can’t do much to a sleeping foe, except maybe set up Tailwind, potentially to be passed to an ally using U-turn, or use Defog to clear hazards if it’s really daring. For utility-oriented sets, Focus Sash is a considerable item choice.

Problems and Partners


Two words: Stealth Rock. Utterly ruins Yanma by taking half its HP per switch-in. Keep this away from Yanma if you can help it. Beware the following key users.

Priority, faster attackers, and especially bulky tanks (a few of which are shown above) can prove problematic.


Keeping hazards off the field and wearing down the opposing team are of vital importance. For hazard control, your choices are Defog and Rapid Spin—Defog being the more widespread option and not stopped by Ghost-types, and Rapid Spin going through Taunt and the Abilities Defiant and Competitive.

A few examples of hazard clearers (Hitmonchan has Rapid Spin, and the others have Defog):