Bunnelby (Poké Monday 3/26/18)

Type: Normal

Base Stats:

  • 38 HP
  • 36 Attack
  • 38 Defense
  • 32 Special Attack
  • 36 Special Defense
  • 57 Speed

Ability choices:

  • Pickup Bunnelby, if not holding an item, have a 10% chance of ending up holding a random item after battle. During battle, if another currently active Pokémon deliberately uses its item without regaining it while a Pickup Bunnelby is not holding an item, then the item falls into the Bunnelby’s possession.
  • Cheek Pouch Bunnelby recover up to 1/3 max HP upon gaining the effect of a Berry.
  • Huge Power Bunnelby have their Attack doubled. (Hidden Ability)

Notable physical attacks: Brick Break, Earthquake, Frustration/Return, Iron Head, Quick Attack, Rock Slide, Stone Edge, Thief, U-turn, Wild Charge

Notable status moves: Agility, Bulk Up, Spikes

Notable Z-moves:

  • Breakneck Blitz (Normal) – Coverts one use of Return or Frustration into a base 160 physical Normal-type attack (or Last Resort into base 200).
  • All-Out Pummeling (Fighting) – Converts one use of Brick Break into a base 140 physical Fighting-type attack.
  • Gigavolt Havoc (Electric) – Converts one use of Wild Charge into a base 175 physical Electric-type attack.
  • Supersonic Skystrike (Flying) – Converts one use of Bounce into a base 160 physical Flying-type attack.


In Little Cup, Bunnelby is one of only two legal users of Huge Power, and arguably the superior, sporting a peak Attack stat of 28 (base 163-172 equivalent), a manageable base Speed, and definitely enough of a movepool to do what it does best: hitting hard on the physical side. That said, it does lack a few helpful tools that its evolution possesses: Swords Dance, Knock Off, Superpower, elemental punches, and Foul Play. Thankfully Bunnelby gets Earthquake, granted without STAB.

To put it another way, Bunnelby is a byproduct of GameFreak making non-useless early-game Normal-types…and it works. Maybe not as much in Little Cup, but definitely as a whole.


Set 1: Choice Scarf

Bunnelby @ Choice Scarf
Ability: Huge Power
Level: 5
EVs: 52 HP / 228 Atk / 220 Spe
Jolly Nature
– Return
– Earthquake
– U-turn
– Stone Edge

The sets mentioned here are centered around patching up Bunnelby’s average Speed so that it can keep up with otherwise faster threats and to ensure that its relative frailty is not exploited. This set demonstrates method 1: using a Choice Scarf for an immediate Speed buff. This gets it past the unboosted metagame, up to speed with other Scarf users, and tied with Jolly +2 Tirtouga, all without having to spend a single turn.

Return (or Frustration if you prefer) is Bunnelby’s primary method of damage output: a reliable base 102 STAB attacking move with not-too-shabby coverage and a whopping 32 max (20 base) PP. Earthquake is Bunnelby’s best and most reliable method (almost as reliable as Return, not making contact but being slightly weaker and with half as much PP) of dealing with the Rock- and Steel-types that resists its STAB. U-turn works for pivoting against the gargantuan walls that can take a hit or two, or simply scouting switches. Stone Edge is an option that hits most Flying-types, but its 80% accuracy and 8 max (5 base) PP make it nowhere near as reliable as Bunnelby’s other attacking options.

The set above yields a raw stat line of 21/13/10/8/10/16. Factoring in Huge Power and Choice Scarf, its Attack and Speed become 26 and 24 respectively. If it went Adamant, it would lose 1 point in raw Speed, resulting in a 2-point loss of Scarf speed.

Set 2: Agility

Bunnelby @ Life Orb
Ability: Huge Power
Level: 5
Happiness: 0
EVs: 228 Atk / 52 Def / 220 Spe
Adamant Nature
IVs: 23 HP
– Agility
– Frustration
– Earthquake
– Stone Edge

Method 2: Use Agility. This takes one turn but, if successful, results in greater overall offensive prowess than the Scarf variant. This set demonstrates that Frustration can be used to the same effect as Return; the two moves have identical power caps. It also employs the usual Earthquake and Stone Edge for coverage. This time, however, Life Orb is the item of choice for the most offensive benefit with the least drawback.

The raw stat line here is 19/14/11/8/10/15. Factoring in Huge Power, its Attack stat becomes 28. With a single turn of Agility, its Speed becomes 30, enough to outspeed most Scarf users and opposing Speed boosters. 19 HP, which requires an IV of 4-23 and a lack of investment, is essential in letting Bunnelby take 1 damage per turn from Life Orb instead of 2. The EVs normally put into HP are instead thrown into Defense, because the leftover EVs from fully investing in offense are not enough to throw into Special Defense.

Other Options

As an alternative to boosting Speed, Bunnelby can use Bulk Up to augment its wallbreaking potential, but it has to resort to Quick Attack (or Agility if it’s daring enough) to keep up with faster threats, and it can only dedicate so many moveslots to its tools. Bunnelby can also set up Spikes, but there are dedicated Spikes users—such as Dwebble, Ferroseed, and Trubbish—that do the job better.

Wild Charge is an extra anti-Flying coverage option, which has more accuracy and PP than Stone Edge but with the drawback of recoil, less power, and not as effective coverage. Rock Slide is a noticeably weaker but more accurate alternative to Stone Edge, and the 30% flinch chance is helpful for speedy sets. Iron Head deals extra damage to Amaura and Lileep and is a more reliable option for Archen, not to mention it also has the 30% flinch chance that Rock Slide does. Brick Break hits Amaura and Lileep for as much efficacy but less power than Iron Head—in addition to hitting Ferroseed, Pawniard, and Alolan Sandshrew—and can serve as a means of removing opposing Aurora Veil. Thief is Bunnelby’s strongest option against Bronzor and Gastly, as well as a form of karma for the event that its item gets removed. Flyinium Z with Bounce is an option for nailing Fighting-type attackers that hope to force it out.

Problems and Partners


Fighting-type attackers, with their super-effective STAB, are most problematic to Bunnelby.

Croagunk and Timburr are particularly threatening with Vacuum Wave and Mach Punch respectively, while Riolu has Prankster Copycat for turns after its first.

Stufful, by virtue of Fluffy, takes regular damage from Bunnelby’s STAB and can retaliate with its own STAB.

Crabrawler and Mankey naturally outspeed Bunnelby, so they can get the jump on Agility variants or, if holding Choice Scarf, outmatch Scarf variants.

Rock- and Steel-types relatively unfazed by Earthquake are decent candidates for taking Bunnelby’s attacks. Most of the above are capable of setting up Stealth Rock (although Ferroseed prefers Spikes), Lileep has Recover, Bronzor has Trick Room, and Ferroseed punishes Bunnelby’s STAB (and Brick Break too) via Iron Barbs.


Spritzee is a usable cleric and pivot for Bunnelby, notably being able to take Fighting-type attacks and cleanse burn and paralysis with Aromatherapy.

Mudbray defends well against physical attacks, and most Fighting-types are physically oriented. Additionally, the problems listed above, with the exception of Bronzor, do not take Mudbray’s STAB very well.


Super-size Pumpkaboo is another candidate for taking on Fighting-types, and it has Will-O-Wisp for punishing the physical sort.

Natu also works as a Fighting-type check and has Magic Bounce to not be setup fodder against hazard setters.

Ponyta, as the premier Fire-type in LC, can deal with Bronzor and Ferroseed with relative ease. It is also (under normal circumstances) faster than the Fighting-types with problematic Speed tiers.

At a standstill 4 (Whimsical Weekend #22)

Somehow I feel like it’s been quite a long time since the last time I said I was at a standstill. At the very least, quite a bit has happened since then.

Again starting with Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 2. Turns out I managed to complete absolutely everything (including 100 mil credits and Colosseum plans) except Stella’s Dungeon. I was thinking at first that it was rather tedious (and I don’t want to cheat my way through it), but I feel like, if I approach it as I did the Pokémon freemium 3DS games back before working full-time, it might not be so bad. Going beyond, as eager as I am to finish the trilogy with Re;Birth 3, I feel that perhaps it would be preferable to savor the fruits of the effort taken to complete Re;Birth 2. And also…

I recently started Doki Doki Literature Club, a free-to-play visual novel on Steam. It disguises itself as a cutesy, anime-inspired dating simulator, but it’s no secret that beneath this surface lies some disturbing content. Even so, at this point in time, I am prepared for anything, specifically a psychological thrill to throw off my attraction towards Japanese culture. With that in mind, I am putting off Re;Birth 3 until after completing DDLC, if nothing else.

Also since last time, I discovered all the remaining shrines of Breath of the Wild (including the new DLC ones) and increased my Korok seed count to 533 (admittedly mostly thanks to the Korok Mask from early DLC). I’ll be on and off searching for the remaining seeds, because the seeds are tedious to search for, but the game is still fun to play from time to time.

…And that’s about it to report.

 À la prochaine! (Until next time!)