Regigigas (Poké Monday 1/1/18)

 Happy 2018 from Vouiv-review! 


Type: Normal

Base Stats:

  • 110 HP
  • 160 Attack
  • 110 Defense
  • 80 Special Attack
  • 110 Special Defense
  • 100 Speed

Ability: Slow Start gives Regigigas half Attack and Speed when it is sent out. This effect wears off if Regigigas stays in for 5 consecutive turns.

Notable physical attacks: Drain Punch, Earthquake, Fire Punch, Frustration/Return, Ice Punch, Knock Off, Power-Up Punch, Thunder Punch

Notable status moves: Rock Polish, Substitute, Thunder Wave

Notable Z-moves:

  • Breakneck Blitz (Normal) – Converts one use of Giga Impact into a base 200 physical Normal-type attack.
  • All-Out Pummeling (Fighting) – Converts one use of Focus Punch into a base 200 physical Fighting-type attack.
  • …That’s it, actually. Not a very good idea to give this thing a Z-Crystal.


Few Abilities can detriment a Pokémon enough for even Uber-level stats to be demoted to the lowest of tiers. Slow Start is one of them. I mean, 160/100 offenses may seem outrageous, but Slow Start makes them equivalent to a laughable 55/25 for five whole turns. And you would think that 110/110/110 bulk would at least somewhat compensate for that, but consider that Regigigas cannot regain its HP by any means other than Drain Punch or held items. Not to mention Regigigas lacks Protect and Rest, luxuries that are accessible to most other Pokémon and would at least somewhat improve its viability. You would also think to use special attacks—such as Nature Power (which defaults to Tri Attack), Focus Blast, Earth Power, Thunderbolt, and Icy Wind—while Slow Start is active, but with only base 80 Special Attack and no way to reliably boost it (its only methods are Z-Confuse Ray and Z-Gravity), it won’t get far. (Plus uninvested base 80 Special Attack is equivalent to fully invested base 40.) And it really doesn’t help that both Thunder Wave and confusion have been nerfed since last generation (having become 90% accurate and having a lower 33% immobilizing chance, respectively).

But hey, not all is bad for this unfortunate golem. At least it has reliable STAB in Frustration/Return, along with utility in Knock Off and Thunder Wave. Knock Off is also great coverage that hits most of the tier for neutral or greater damage, and the few resistant typings (Dark/Steel Pawniard, Fairy/Rock Carbink) are hit by Drain Punch and Earthquake. Regigigas also has boosting options for its Attack and Speed, although its best Attack-boosting option, Power-Up Punch, only gives a 1-stage increase per use and does not work on Ghost-types…not to mention it’s tough enough leaving Regigigas in for five turns straight, let alone allowing it to get enough boosts to compensate for its Ability. (Think about things like Will-O-Wisp and Whirlwind that could completely stop its potential rampage.)

Simply put, Regigigas is a prime example of how a terrible Ability can hinder an otherwise ridiculous set of stats.


Regigigas @ Leftovers
Ability: Slow Start
EVs: 248 HP / 252 Atk / 8 Def
Adamant Nature
– Return
– Knock Off
– Thunder Wave
– Drain Punch

This is the best way that Regigigas can weaken and/or hinder the opposition while hoping that it will survive more than five turns on the battlefield. It uses Return (or Frustration, depending on preference) as STAB, Knock Off for coverage and item removal utility, Thunder Wave to cripple faster threats, and Drain Punch for extra coverage and the only thing other than Leftovers that keeps it healthy. Adamant Nature with max Attack is preferred for maximum damage output at all times, and the remaining EVs are dumped into bulk for survivability. Note that HP investment is slightly less than maximum so that Regigigas takes a bit less damage from hazards such as Stealth Rock.

Other Options

Substitute is the best alternative option available (preferably over Drain Punch), as it protects from status conditions (particularly burn) that could hinder what little potential Regigigas may have on the battlefield.

As mentioned in the overview, setup options such as Power-Up Punch and Rock Polish allow Regigigas to improve its offensive prowess, but having to survive five turns is difficult enough. It can also utilize its special movepool featuring Nature Power and such, so that its damage output is entirely unhindered but its offensive prowess is worse overall.

Earthquake is a powerful option that hits Magcargo harder than any other move Regigigas can run.

Problems and Partners


Super-size Gourgeist has the physical bulk and Ghost typing to comfortably take on Regigigas. This is further enhanced by reliable recovery in Synthesis, a crippling status move in Will-O-Wisp, and high damage output in Foul Play. (Note: The damage output of opposing Foul Play is unaffected by Regigigas’ Slow Start.)

Sableye has lower stats, but it’s a bigger problem with its higher PP recovery, neutrality to Knock Off, and STAB on Foul Play.

Fighting-type attackers can use their STAB to effectively wear down Regigigas. Be especially careful of them during Slow Start turns.


Ghost-types (notably the main two that Regigigas has problems with) can deal with the mostly physical Fighting-types of the tier, although Gourgeist-Super should be wary of Knock Off and similar coverage options.

Haunter can check the aforementioned Ghost-types and even has Dazzling Gleam for Sableye.

And anything with Aromatherapy, Heal Bell, and/or Wish can be helpful for keeping Regigigas healthy and status-free.


Feedback is always appreciated!

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