I have been playing Pokémon Ultra Moon (Whimsical Weekend #19)

I’m sorry to say that I’ll be keeping this brief, because I’ve said plenty about Pokémon Sun in Whimsical Weekend #6 (which just so happens to be not much less than a year ago), and I don’t have much to add to that. I owe this mostly to the fact that I don’t have nearly as much time nowadays to spend on video games (let alone what the fanbase calls a “remake” of Sun/Moon) and therefore haven’t been through anywhere near as much postgame as in the case of Sun.

…Well, to be more accurate, the one thing above all else that inhibits me from going through Ultra Moon postgame is: the quest for a good Stakataka.

First off, I’m looking for a Lonely nature with a Defense IV of 15 or less, so that it will gain Attack from Beast Boost if fully trained in Attack. More importantly, I’m going for as little Speed as possible, which is simple for me to check, considering I just so happen to have a Vullaby with exactly 21 Speed. (The Speed value of a level 60 Stakataka with a neutral nature and 0 IV in Speed is 20.) Simple as it is, though, it’s not that easy. If it was any earlier year, I would have had much more patience in constantly resetting for this sort of thing than I do now. But hey, if talk like that isn’t convincing enough, how about some statistics?

  • Chance of Lonely Nature (with Synchronize Elgyem): 50%
  • Chance of Speed not being one of the three guaranteed perfect IVs: 50% (10/20)
  • Chance of Speed IV being 0: 3.125% (1/32)
    • Chance of Speed IV being 1 and losing a speed tie with Vullaby: 1.5625% (1/32 * 1/2)
    • Chance of either of the above: 4.6875%
  • Chance of Defense IV being 15 or below: 50% (16/32)

So…we’re looking at nearly a half-percent chance of an acceptable scenario. Not as daunting as the chance of encountering a shiny Pokémon with regular odds, but still quite a pain to go for.


Anyway, enough about that. Remember this snipped that I posted in Whimsical Weekend #6?

Well, I decided to use 4 of those 6 in the creation of my Ultra Moon team, and it turned out like this:

I don’t remember how they were when I beat the Pokémon League, but here’s their current status. (Yeah, I still play the game in French.)

Gaebora (Decidueye) [Archéduc] (M)
Ability: Overgrow [Engrais]
Level: 69
Mild Nature [Doux]
Stats: 197/171/105/169/163/147
– Leaf Blade [Lame-Feuille]
– Spirit Shackle [Tisse Ombre]
– U-turn [Demi-Tour]
– Nature Power [Force-Nature]

Blanc (Sandslash-Alola) [Sablaireau] (F) @ Focus Band [Bandeau]
Ability: Snow Cloak [Rideau Neige]
Level: 66
Lax Nature [Lâche]
Stats: 192/174/199/53/96/122
– Iron Head [Tête de Fer]
– Ice Punch [Poing Glace]
– Bulldoze [Piétisol]
– Metal Burst [Fulmifer]

Kirche (Salazzle) [Malamandre] @ BrightPowder [Poudre Claire]
Ability: Corrosion [Corrosion]
Level: 66
Naive Nature [Naïf]
Stats: 188/119/98/151/104/203
– Flamethrower [Lance-Flammes]
– Venoshock [Choc Venin]
– Toxic [Toxik]
– Dragon Pulse [Dracochoc]

Théo (Bewear) [Chelours] (M) @ Leftovers [Restes]
Ability: Fluffy [Boule de Poils]
Level: 66
Relaxed Nature [Relax]
Stats: 253/202/139/105/106/105
– Hammer Arm [Marto-Poing]
– Facade [Façade]
– Payback [Représailles]
– Thrash [Mania]

Asui (Araquanid) [Tarenbulle] (F) @ Quick Claw [Vive Griffe]
Ability: Water Bubble [Aquabulle]
Level: 66
Modest Nature [Modeste]
Stats: 187/116/135/92/192/100
– Liquidation [Aqua-Brèche]
– Scald [Ébullition]
– Leech Life [Vampirisme]
– Mirror Coat [Voile Miroir]

Courange (Lycanroc-Dusk) [Lougaroc] (M) @ Normalium Z [Normazélite]
Ability: Tough Claws [Griffe Dure]
Level: 66
Adamant Nature [Rigide]
Stats: 185/216/98/86/109/192
– Rock Slide [Éboulement]
– Drill Run [Tunnelier]
– Thunder Fang [Crocs Éclair]
– Happy Hour [Étrennes]

In terms of nicknames, Gaebora and Kirche are the only ones I really kept, while the others are arguably improved over what I had before. In particular, I figured based on Sandslash’s tanky stats that Blanc would be a far more fitting name for it than Hokuto, and Théo is far less generic than any other Bewear nickname I can think of. (Théo is named after Theodore Roosevelt, who is known as Teddy.)

Asui is admittedly kind of a stretch for Araquanid (considering its namesake), but I’m proud of Courange. Why? It was first intended to be a simple portmanteau of “coucher” (as in sunset) and “orange” (the color of Lycanroc-Dusk), but when I thought deeper, I realized that there are even more words that can be associated with the nickname:

  • “courir” (to run)
  • “courage”
  • “cou” (the neck, the sweet spot in Poké Refresh)
  • “range” (as in range of movement)
  • “ange” (angel)

…So I thought, but the more ideas I come up with, the more they seem…off. Oh well.

As for movesets, don’t worry about what I listed them as in Whimsical Weekend #6; the me back then was a bit naïve in some aspects, particularly when it comes to moves that can only be obtained post-game. *coughEarthquakeonAlolanSandslashcough*

And yes, I did soft-reset for Adamant Lycanroc-Dusk. It’s what I believe to be the ideal nature for a Z-Happy Hour user, which is precisely the role that I ended up assigning to Courange. Shame that it has absolutely no 100% accurate attacks (unless I were to teach it Accelerock, which I’m not down for).

By the way, now that I think about it, there was something that I wanted to mention about Ultra Sun/Moon that wasn’t in regular Sun/Moon. Four words: ROTOM. NEVER. SHUTS. UP. Really, does that stinking piece of scrap metal think that it’s a good idea to babble about silly tutorial things, regardless whether or not the player has already demonstrated knowledge of such things, 90% of the time after closing the pause menu or finishing a battle? Ugh, the nerve.

So, that’s my main complaint about Ultra SuMo. That said, there were a few pleasant surprises within the main story. Particularly:

  • Totem Wishiwashi and Salazzle being replaced by Araquanid and Alolan Marowak respectively
  • The entire Fairium Z trial (I actually had to soft-reset against Totem Ribombee)
  • Ultra Necrozma
  • New environment and timing for the fourth Grand Trial
  • A Steel-type dude taking Hala’s place in the Elite Four
  • Hau contending for the Champion title, instead of Kukui defending it


Pff, man, I said I’d be brief, but this still ended up being almost a thousand words. Not to mention it took a longer time than I thought. But, I think that’s all I have to say here.

À la prochaine! (Until next time!)


Feedback is always appreciated!

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