Poké Monday update: Transition to Gen 7, compendium of Gen 6 analyses

The new generation has come. Pokémon Sun and Moon have been released worldwide, and I beat the game in roughly 48 hours (I haven’t quite enjoyed all of the postgame content, but I’ve at least gotten started), so I’m ready to adapt to the new generation. That’s right; Poké Monday will now involve random numbers generated from 1 to 802 (yes, including the unreleased Marshadow) and also start on a clean slate, meaning that Pokémon already reviewed on prior Poké Mondays will just be re-reviewed (especially due to the introduction of Alolan formes, notably Diglett). Speaking of which, let’s take a trip down memory lane and look back over the 6th generation analyses.


  • 7/28: Gigalith (526, NU) – Sturdy Stealth Rock user mostly outclassed by Golem
  • 8/11: Litleo (667, LC) – middling offensive Fire-type with an odd movepool and borderline-at-best Ability selection
  • 8/25: Latios (381, OU) – specially offensive Dragon/Psychic-type Trick/Defog user with Levitate
  • 9/8: Makuhita (296, LC) – slow Fighting-type with poor stats but a few unique traits
  • 9/22: Bronzor (436, LC) – bulky Steel-type that fell from grace after the transition to gen 6
  • 10/6: Malamar (687, NU) – Contrary Superpower user with better stats than Spinda
  • 10/20: Lampent (608, NU) – lower-tier Chandelure that can use Trick Room effectively
  • 11/3: Claydol (344, RU) – bulky Stealth Rock user resistant to EdgeQuake albeit weak to Knock Off
  • 11/17: Thundurus (642, OU/BL) – Electric-type special attacker with more speed in Incarnate forme but with more power in Therian forme
  • 12/1: Carbink (703, NU) – utility Pokémon with sky-high defenses but poor other stats
  • 12/15: Rapidash (78, NU) – fast physical Fire-type attacker with reliable recovery
  • 12/29: Sandslash (28, NU) – physically-oriented Ground-type Stealth Rock setter and Rapid Spin user that can also abuse sand


  • 1/12: Heatmor (631, NU) – slow and frail Fire-type mixed attacker with odd coverage options
  • 1/26: Floatzel (419, NU) – fast Water-type attacker with Switcheroo and Water Veil
  • 2/9: Bagon (371, LC) – Dragon-type physical attacker with exclusive access to Sheer Force Dragon Rush
  • 2/23: Kyogre (382, Uber) – strong Water-type special attacker with a new form of rain
  • 3/9: Watchog (505, NU) – Unova’s Route 1 Normal-type, has Analytic and a not-too-bad movepool
  • 3/23: Staraptor (398, BL) – Sinnoh’s Route (20)1 Flying-type, boasts strong Reckless base 120 (Attack and move power) dual STAB
  • 4/6: Nidoran♂ (32, LC) – Poison-type physical attacker with Hustle and Sucker Punch
  • 4/20: Krokorok (552, NU) – lower-tier Krookodile with solid dual STAB and great utility options
  • 5/4: Cloyster (91, UU) – the ultimate Skill Link and Shell Smash (ab)user
  • 5/18: Vigoroth (288, NU) – respectable NFE Normal-type with interesting utility in Bulk Up, Slack Off, and Taunt
  • 6/1: Vivillon (666, NU) – Quiver Dance user with Compound Eyes Sleep Powder and STAB Hurricane
  • 6/15: Tornadus (641, BL2/OU) – Defiant abuser on the Incarnate side, fast all-arounder on the Therian side
  • 6/29: Croconaw (159, NU) – lower-tier Feraligatr (Dragon Dance user with excellent Sheer Force coverage)
  • 7/13: Machoke (67, NU) – lower-tier Machamp (STAB No Guard Dynamic Punch abuser)
  • 7/27: Pineco (204, LC) – hazard setter with just the right amount of utility but hardly any offensive presence
  • 8/10: Plusle (311, NU) – the only Pokémon in existence with Lightning Rod and Baton Pass (as well as Nasty Plot)
  • 8/24: Cacturne (332, NU) – slow+frail attacker with STAB Sucker Punch and more
  • 9/7: Darmanitan (555, UU) – extremely strong Fire-type physical attacker with a gimmicky hidden ability
  • 9/21: Chesnaught (652, UU) – physical Grass-type tank with spiky utility
  • 10/5: Groudon (383, Uber) – tanky Stealth Rock setter with an amazing new forme
  • 10/19: Flaaffy (180, NU) – okay wall with okay utility options and Volt Switch
  • 11/2: Lopunny (428, OU) – extremely fast and decently strong Mega with Scrappy Normal/Fighting dual STAB
  • 11/16: Swanna (581, PU) – offensive Defogger with great coverage in its dual STABs
  • 11/30: Grovyle (253, PU) – outclassed Grass-type that can only rely on Unburden as a “niche”
  • 12/14: Yveltal (717, Uber) – strong Dark-type attacker with an odd stat layout
  • 12/28: Glalie (362, PU/RU) – base is a lead, Mega is an offensive threat


  • 1/11: Loudred (294, PU) – outclassed Normal-type with Scrappy Circle Throw as a “niche”
  • 1/25: Surskit (283, LC) – specially offensive Sticky Web user with respectable coverage
  • 2/8: Rhydon (112, NU) – strong EdgeQuake user with great bulk thanks to Eviolite
  • 2/22: Ludicolo (272, NU) – rain abuser with unique Water/Grass typing
  • 3/9: Horsea (116, LC) – one of many Water-types; a rain abuser (yeah, 3/9/15 is a Wednesday, because I had to postpone the article due to real-life matters)
  • 3/21: Gorebyss (368, NU) – specially offensive Shell Smash abuser
  • 4/4: Diglett (50, LC) – ridiculously fast, physically offensive Arena Trap abuser with some utility
  • 4/18: Petilil (548, LC) – sun abuser with a dual niche in Sleep Powder and Healing Wish
  • 6/9: Tyranitar (248, OU) – strong and bulky sand setter (6/9 is a Thursday, but again, had to postpone)
  • 6/20: Pumpkaboo (710, LC) – super size and small size have offensive and defensive potential, respectively
  • 7/4: Maractus (556, PU) – lower-tier cactus with an odd Ability in Storm Drain
  • 7/18: Dratini (147, LC) – notable Extreme Speed user with decent offensive prowess
  • 8/1: Sudowoodo (185, PU) – Rock-type with subpar base stats but niche access to Wood Hammer
  • 8/22: Feebas (349, LC) – like Magikarp except with TMs/HMs, Egg/Tutor moves, and Adaptability
  • 9/19: Helioptile (694, LC) – fast Electric-type special attacker with odd coverage an odd Ability in Dry Skin
  • 10/17: Poliwag (60, LC) – fast Belly Drum user with Hypnosis and decent coverage
  • 11/7: Rhyhorn (111, LC) – tanky Stealth Rock user with a poor set of Abilities


That aside, regarding Gen 7 analyses, I decided to change up the formatting a little, in hopes that I can not only accommodate the new Z-moves but also make the post look better in general. Shown below is a brief preview demonstrating some changes that I plan on making. (Specifically, this part of the review is meant to be between the Pokémon/RNG images and the “Overview” heading.)

For one thing, important words/numbers are bolded, including typing, base stats, Abilities, STAB moves, and Z-moves. What’s more is that I organized the notable moves based on my own judgement instead of just copying off of the usual list from Pokémon Showdown. This way, I can set aside moves that are universal (like Frustration/Return and Toxic), weak, redundant, and/or come off of a far weaker attacking stat. In this case, I omitted: Dark-type attacks because they are redundant with Ghost STAB; special attacks because of the base 50 Special Attack; Trick Room because of the base 96 Speed; and other moves that have situational-at-best effects in general.

Thinking further beyond, I will no longer provide sample teams; the associated segment will be replaced with a different segment named “Problems and Partners,” which elaborates upon two different sets of Pokémon: those that are threatening to the reviewed Pokémon, and those that would make good teammates for the reviewed Pokémon. Again, a brief preview:


Nowi Wins I think that’s all I have to say for now. Stay tuned for the next review, which will come out before midnight (eastern time) tonight!



Feedback is always appreciated!

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