Mimikyu (Poké Monday 11/28/16)


Type: Ghost/Fairy

Base Stats:

  • 55 HP
  • 90 Attack
  • 80 Defense
  • 50 Special Attack
  • 105 Special Defense
  • 96 Speed

Ability: Disguise – If Mimikyu is attacked directly for the first time in battle, the attack will become a 0-damage neutral attack with the same effect(s) as the original attack, and Mimikyu will change form to indicate that its disguise is no longer active.

Notable physical attacks: Leech Life, Play Rough, Shadow Claw, Shadow Sneak, Wood Hammer

Notable status moves: Bulk Up, Destiny Bond, Pain Split, Swords Dance, Taunt, Thunder Wave, Will-O-Wisp

Notable Z-moves:

  • Never-Ending Nightmare (Ghost) – Converts one use of Shadow Claw to a base 140 physical Ghost-type attack
  • Twinkle Tackle (Fairy) – Converts one use of Play Rough to a base 175 physical Fairy-type attack
  • Z-Safeguard (Normal) – Grants +1 Speed with one use of Safeguard
  • Z-Splash (Normal) – Grants +3 Attack with one use of Splash


It’s not Pikachu; it’s Mimikyu. (Fun fact, though: their base Special Attack is exactly the same.) It’s a sort of gruesome ghostly thing that dresses as a Pikachu in an attempt to make itself more fetching in appearance. It possesses unique Ghost/Fairy typing that grants it three immunities in Normal, Fighting, and Dragon; a quad resistance to Bug; and only two weaknesses in Ghost and Steel. Along with that, the only existing typing resistant to both of its STAB is Fire/Normal, the typing of Pyroar (which is seldom used otherwise).

As for its base stats, 55/80/105 bulk is decent, base 90 Attack is not too bad, base 50 Special Attack is laughable, and base 96 Speed is a sort of middle ground between base 95s (such as Kyurem-Black) and base 100s (such as Victini). What really defines Mimikyu, however, is its Ability. Recall that the Alakazam line can run Focus Sash with Magic Guard for a one-time guarantee (barring the possibility of multi-hit moves) to fire off a strong special attack. In a similar fashion, if you give Mimikyu a Red Card, that’s a one-time guarantee that any attacking opponent will be forced out (unless said opponent has one of the Abilities Mold Breaker, Teravolt, Turboblaze; or is using one of the moves Sunsteel Strike or Moongeist Beam). This is the most surefire way to prevent a potential sweep from any non-Ability-bypassing Pokémon with multiple boosts under its belt. Even multi-hit abusers (such as Cloyster) will be forced out on the first hit.

To summarize, Mimikyu is not the best in terms of pure offense or utility, but it does have a niche in its dual STAB combination and Ability.


1: Offensive Red Card

Mimikyu @ Red Card
Ability: Disguise
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
– Play Rough
– Shadow Claw
– Shadow Sneak
– Swords Dance

As mentioned in the Overview, the combination of Disguise and Red Card gives it one opportunity to stop any non-Ability-bypassing setup sweeper by forcing it out and thereby resetting its stats. Play Rough is its strongest STAB, Shadow Claw is supplementary STAB, Shadow Sneak is for priority, and Swords Dance allows it to increase its okay Attack to respectable levels. EVs and Nature are offensively focused with particular emphasis on Speed to make sure that Mimikyu stays ahead of the base 83-95 bracket.

2: Fast support

Mimikyu @ Red Card
Ability: Disguise
EVs: 248 HP / 8 Atk / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
– Play Rough
– Will-O-Wisp
– Taunt
– Destiny Bond

A more supportive focus on Mimikyu’s niche. Play Rough is STAB to prevent it from being useless against faster Taunt users, Will-O-Wisp halves the opposing Pokémon’s Attack and adds 1/16 residual damage per turn, Taunt is for shutting down slower setup/utility Pokémon, and Destiny Bond can be helpful in conjunction with Disguise to force a(nother) switch or force the opponent to fodder off a faster threat. EVs are focused on maximizing Speed and bulk simultaneously, with filler EVs in Attack for a slightly stronger Play Rough.

3: Z-Safeguard

Mimikyu @ Normalium Z
Ability: Disguise
EVs: 88 HP / 252 Atk / 168 Spe
Jolly Nature
– Play Rough
– Shadow Claw
– Swords Dance
– Safeguard

With Z-Safeguard, Mimikyu gets +1 Speed, allowing it to outspeed the entire unboosted metagame, while also adding the status-blocking effect of Safeguard. Couple that with Swords Dance, and you can have something of a Double Dance set (although the issue is that Z-Safeguard can only be used once). The spread provided above ensures that it will outspeed base 85s at +0 and Pheromosa at +1, while providing a bit of bulk with the remaining EVs. (With Adamant, it only reaches a +0 Speed of 291, which equates to a +1 Speed of 436, only enough to cut past base 145 at +1. (To make that creep, the minimum investment is 232 EVs in Speed, with which it also cuts past base 80s at +0.) If you want to go as far as outspeeding +0 Ninjask at +1 while outspeeding base 90s at +0, you would have to invest 208 EVs in Speed with a Jolly nature.) As a side note, Normalite Z also gives access to Z-Swords Dance, which resets Mimikyu’s stats before applying the +2 boost (which can essentially give it +3 if it starts off affected by Intimidate).

Other Options

Façade is an alternative option that allows it not only to circumvent Burn, but also to make it easier to deal with Pyroar. While Play Rough can only manage 75-88 damage on standard Pyroar (which has 313 HP), Façade does 78-92 while healthy and 155-183 while burned. If Pyroar opts not to use Will-O-Wisp for this precise reason, Return/Frustration does 113-134 damage. Be careful when using Return/Frustration, though, because if you use it, the opponent will know that you don’t have Façade (or at least I hope not) and go for Will-O-Wisp. Another thing to note about Return/Frustration with Normalite Z becomes a 160 BP Breakneck Blitz, which does 177-209 damage. (Façade becomes base 140, which does 155-183.)

In terms of moves in the Status category, Mimikyu can run Bulk Up as a more defensive take on setup sweeping, but the problem with that is that it lacks any form of recovery beyond Pain Split or Rest+Sleep Talk. Mono-Fairy is pretty good in theory, but Salazzle walls it hard, and Heatran walls it harder. Thunder Wave can be used as an alternative status to spread, but there are better users.

Problems and Partners


As a Steel-type physical wall, Ferrothorn can take Mimikyu’s attacks very well, inducing residual damage through Iron Barbs and/or Rocky Helmet in the process, and secure the KO with super-effective STAB Gyro Ball (or, failing that, wither it down with Power Whip and/or Leech Seed). Will-O-Wisp and/or Taunt from Mimikyu might be a slight nuisance, but those moves do not entirely stop Ferrothorn from being a threat.

Pyroar resists both of Mimikyu’s STABs, is immune to Will-O-Wisp, can 2HKO any variant with Life Orb Fire Blast, and can potentially burn with its own Will-O-Wisp if Façade is not a problem.

In a similar vein to Ferrothorn, Heatran quad-resists Fairy, is immune to Will-O-Wisp, and is neutral to Mimikyu’s Ghost STAB (which, might I add, is relatively weak). Additionally, it can do one of the following: burn with Lava Plume (defensive), deal heavy damage with Magma Storm (stallbreaker), or guarantee a 2HKO with Flash Cannon (offensive).

Regardless of the situation (burn or otherwise), Excadrill can deal heavy damage—even through Disguise—with its Mold Breaker Steel STAB; only the most physically defensive variants of Mimikyu can avoid the 2HKO from burned Excadrill. It also takes less than half from +0 Shadow Claw.


Along with being a problem, Pyroar can also be considered a partner because it resists both of Mimikyu’s weaknesses in Steel and Ghost, and it threatens (most) Steel-types with STAB Fire Blast. Conversely, Mimikyu is immune to Pyroar’s Fighting weakness and can use its physical movepool to hack at special walls. Heatran might remain a problem, but hey, Hidden Power Ground.

Greninja can also take Ghost- and Steel-type attacks (and possibly more, depending on what type it chooses to become if it has Protean), and it provides special attacks for Mimikyu’s physical movepool. Battle Bond Greninja might have a harder time with Steel-types, but Protean Greninja can use Low Kick and Hidden Power Fire to deal with Heatran and Ferrothorn respectively.

Incineroar presents another type combination resistant to both Ghost and Steel, and it can use its Fire-type STAB and Earthquake to deal with Ferrothorn and Heatran respectively. On the flip side, Incineroar can use U-turn to pivot into Mimikyu if it encounters a slower Fighting-type that it would have a hard time dealing with otherwise. Too bad it lacks Sucker Punch, though, otherwise it would be a force for faster Ghost-types to reckon with.


This is my first time doing a Gen 7 “competitive” analysis, and I don’t find myself to be all that familiar with competitive play, so…yeah, this is all I can muster before the self-imposed deadline of the article.

Nowi Wins À la prochaine! (Until next time!)


Feedback is always appreciated!

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