Helioptile (Poké Monday 9/19/16)


Tier: LC
Type: Electric/Normal
Base Stats: 44 HP, 38 Atk, 33 Def, 61 Sp.Atk, 43 Sp.Def, 70 Speed
Abilities: Dry Skin, Sand Veil, Solar Power (hidden)

Usable moves: Agility, Dark Pulse, Dragon Tail, Façade, Frustration, Glare, Grass Knot, Hidden Power (Fighting, Fire, Grass, Ice), Light Screen, Protect, Quick Attack, Rest, Return, Rock Slide, Signal Beam, Sleep Talk, Substitute, Surf, Thunder, Thunderbolt, Thunder Wave, Toxic, U-turn, Volt Switch, Wild Charge

Not listed but somewhat usable: Hidden Power (Ground)


Helioptile has a number of odd facets: Electric/Normal typing, Dry Skin, access to Glare and Surf, and no base stat value divisible by 5 except Speed. Being an Electric-type with Dry Skin means that it was made to check Water-types, perhaps more effectively than Chinchou…not to mention the extra Normal typing makes it a nigh unparalleled check to Frillish. Access to Surf means that Helioptile is one of the few Electric-type Pokémon in the tier that can combat Ground-types without having to resort to Hidden Power. Access to Glare, on the other hand, just simply means that Helioptile is one of only three LC-legal Pokémon with access to the move, albeit the most frail. Last but not least, its odd stat layout means that if it invests fully in offense (which it should) it can raise both of its defenses and its HP with the remaining EVs (although, if running Life Orb, HP should be left untouched with the IV reduced to 11 for an HP value of 19).

Unfortunately, Helioptile has very poor bulk and isn’t the fastest or strongest thing around, which means that it’s prone to being trapped and KO’d by Diglett, has a hard time breaking through bulkier threats, and finds it difficult to switch into attacks that are not Water- or Ghost-typed. It doesn’t really help that the Normal typing makes Helioptile weak to Mach Punch and Vacuum Wave. Moreover, Elekid strictly outclasses Helioptile stat-wise due to the former’s equivalent Special Attack with better bulk, much higher Attack, and greater Speed. Also, Helioptile is not as diverse offensively as its evolution; Grass Knot generally has pitiful base power in Little Cup, and Helioptile lacks access to Hyper Voice and Focus Blast. This setback gives Helioptile a hard time dealing with Chinchou, Ferroseed, and even opposing Helioptile.

All in all, Helioptile is made to be a specially offensive Electric-type capable of checking most Water-types.


Helioptile @ Life Orb
Ability: Dry Skin
Level: 5
EVs: 12 Def / 192 SpA / 96 SpD / 196 Spe
Timid Nature
IVs: 11 HP / 0 Atk / 30 SpA / 30 SpD
– Thunderbolt
– Surf
– Volt Switch
– Hidden Power [Ground]

A simple offensive set for an Electric-type that uses STAB in Thunderbolt and Volt Switch along with coverage in Surf and Hidden Power Ground. Ground is the preferred type for hitting Chinchou and opposing Helioptile.

Life Orb with Timid nature and EVs concentrated in Special Attack and Speed maximize Helioptile’s offensive prowess, and the remaining EVs are dumped into its defenses, particularly Special Defense to guarantee that Download Porygon will not gain a Special Attack boost. IVs are tuned for Hidden Power Ground, with a lower value for HP in order to reach the magic number 19 (as mentioned earlier). Dry Skin is the preferred Ability for the extra immunity and HP-regeneration potential.

Set 69: Physical (for the meme)

Helioptile @ Life Orb
Ability: Dry Skin
Level: 5
EVs: 212 Atk / 12 Def / 12 SpD / 196 Spe
Jolly Nature
IVs: 11 HP
– Wild Charge
– Return
– Quick Attack
– U-turn

Man, this set would actually be good if Helioptile’s Attack stat wasn’t terrible. Wild Charge and Return are its STAB options, Quick Attack provides priority, and U-turn provides momentum while dealing super-effective damage against Grass-types and not being completely denied by Electric-immune Pokémon. You could throw 28 EVs into Special Attack and substitute U-turn for Volt Switch for recoilless Electric STAB, considering the difference in attacking stats is only 2 in that case (or, if for some reason you decide to go Hasty, the difference would be 0).

HP IV is 11 for the usual reason. It’s a shame that Helioptile’s Attack stat doesn’t leave nearly as much freedom for leftover investment as its Special Attack stat.

Other Options

Signal Beam deals significant damage to Grass-types such as Lileep and Snivy that resist its STAB and coverage. As for Hidden Power, there are a number of alternative typing options:

  • Grass hurts Chinchou and destroys Wooper but leaves Helioptile walled by Grass- and Dragon-types.
  • Ice hits Grass- and Dragon-types but leaves Helioptile hard-walled by Chinchou.
  • Fire destroys Ferroseed and most other Grass-types, but then Chinchou and Dragon-types wall it.

Glare grants Helioptile the ability to paralyze any non-Electric-type, but the frailty of Helioptile means that it has a hard time sacrificing a moveslot to make room for Glare.

Sample Team

http://pastebin.com/rS1YK4BS – Based around the idea of a core formed by Helioptile and Larvesta. Both of them have momentum-gaining moves in Volt Switch and U-turn respectively, Helioptile takes care of (most) Water-types that would give Larvesta a hard time, and Larvesta takes Fighting-type attacks and destroys Grass-types for Helioptile. What’s more is that Helioptile is specially oriented while Larvesta is physically oriented (and can burn things through Will-O-Wisp and/or Flame Body).

This team contains:

  • Helioptile (serious set above)
  • Larvesta to form the core described above
  • Sandshrew for hazard setting and clearing (especially the latter)
  • Fletchling for strong priority, more U-turn, extra insurance against Grass-types, and a Ground immunity
  • Froakie for more specially offensive prowess and even more U-turn
  • Abra for even more special offense, as well as a failsafe with Magic Guard and Focus Sash in case things go awry

Phoenotopia 100% – New speedrunning guide in the works! (Whimsical Weekend #2)

Well, it’s Labor Day where I live, and that’s part of Labor Day Weekend, which is still a weekend…right?

For this weekend, I was considering doing a step-by-step guide to this week’s Cross-a-Pix puzzle on Conceptis, but then I figured that it would be legally wrong considering the puzzle is only free for a week.

So, instead, I felt like it would be better to discuss something else that I’ve been up to, and the first thing that came to mind is my progress towards making a new and improved guide to Phoenotopia 100% speedrunning. The reason for this is because I do plan on improving my 100% time, and although I don’t have quite as much time as I used to because of work, I am gradually working towards getting a satisfactory time so that I can be done with the main categories and move on to miscellaneous categories and/or Diamond Hollow II.

But again, it takes time, and I feel a bit guilty that I was unable to write up a detailed guide for the May 2016 route…and besides that, the first detailed guide that I’ve written on 100% is quite lazy because it frequently refers to the any% route…but then the following thought occurred to me: “What if somebody wants to run 100% but not any%?” I mean, the fact that my 100% runs get more than three times as much viewership (on YouTube) as my any% runs is the main contributing factor. Going deeper, when I did my first 100% run, I thought that it was a long category…but then I thought about games that take longer to complete any%, such as Super Mario Galaxy and modern-day Pokémon games. Duration aside, any% is a very risky run, considering you go through the entire game with no extra collectibles besides the Iron Hammer and one moonstone, and it is rather long for an any% run of a Flash game. (It takes around an hour ideally, and my current record is 51:53.) 100%, on the other hand, isn’t that much longer (around 2 hours; current record is 1:48:16) and is much safer because of all the Heart Rubies and useful tools collected (although most of the tools aren’t obtained until the backtracking part of the run), so I feel like it would be a more enticing category for potential newcomers. Unfortunately, some of the secrets in the game are very well hidden, which…well, gives all the more incentive to writing a detailed guide, right?

Ranting aside, I have currently written up to Ancient’s Crater 1, which means based on run time alone that I am about 60% finished. Here is a preview:


(Regarding the subtitle, I go by EchecCritiqueMisc on YouTube and SirCritique on Reddit. Also, there is not yet a Loot Duping Index, but when I do get around to making one, the content will be copied+pasted from my Loot Duping Guide.)

Along with the guide itself, I’ve thought of some minor improvements to the technique and route:

  • I decided to move the cracked pot moonstone on the second-rightmost screen of Dread Lands to the backtrack instead of the first visit, because with the Morning Star and Nebula Armlet, it is much easier to defeat the broken golem guarding the pot.
  • Bits of new tech in Prince Tower:
    • It occurred to me accidentally that you can actually stand on one of the chandeliers on the first floor, like this:
      Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 7.27.45 PM
      While it requires a precise Javelin throw, it makes for a respectably faster climb.
    • I found a new way to complete the box puzzle in the second tower, which saves about 30 seconds:

It’s not much, but it’s something, and definitely enough at this point to inspire me to get a better time in 100% (but not before fully completing the guide, of course). I’m hoping for a time that’s equivalent to twice my any% time in some way, i.e. 1h 48m in-game time or 1:43:46 real time. The latter is kind of ambitious, though, considering the best in-game time I’ve managed to achieve in a segmented rehearsal run is 1h 46m in-game time, and in-game time ranges from 2-3 minutes longer than real time for some odd reason, therefore it would be reasonable to estimate 1:44 real time. Then again, that was before I thought of the new tech for Prince Tower and the rerouting of that one moonstone in Dread Lands, so…you never know.

So, that’s enough for now. I will strive to get this new PB soon while also keeping up with real-life matters and trying to maintain my sanity.


Nowi Wins À la prochaine! (Until next time!)