Update: Now focused on weekends

Nowi Wins Salutations. I’m the guy who does this blog thing, and I’m here to bring news. In light of receiving an internship with 7-3:30 workdays and a 1-hour commute (thereby being required to be up by 5:30), I realize that my current schedule is kind of a flop, especially considering Spontaneous Series Saturday never actually happened (but it was spontaneous all the same, if you catch my drift). This was made especially evident last night, when I slept at midnight and woke up 4 hours later, all in a successful although risky attempt to publish the most recent Poké Monday before midnight. I was fortunate enough to not fall asleep on the job, but I never want to take that risk again.

For that reason, I am proposing a new idea for this blog: Whimsical Weekend. It’s like Spontaneous Saturday, only it can be applied to Sunday as well. Every other weekend, I will talk about…basically whatever’s on my mind and in my element.

In spite of what happened last night, Poké Monday will still be running, although I will make sure that I don’t wait until the last minute and instead have installments ready before I sleep (preferably by 11 PM) on the Sunday prior. That’s what’ll be happening every other other week.

Sadly, those are officially the only two series of this blog…but, here’s another budget-quality banner:

wow it's effing nothing

Okay, that’s all I have to say.

Nowi Wins À la prochaine…j’espère. (Until next time…I hope.)


Feedback is always appreciated!

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