Phoenotopia – How to softlock in less than a minute (Thought Dump Thursday 7/14/16)

This is a neat little application of a glitch in the game known (to me) as Pot Head Clipping, which I have described in detail in Thought Dump Thursday 3/3/16.

The procedure is simple:

  1. Start new game
  2. Exit Gale’s house
  3. Enter leftmost building
  4. Set up pots as follows
    Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 9.56.18 PM
  5. Jump
  6. ???
  7. Profit (literally, there’s a chest with 25 Rai in there )

If you manage to get behind the anchor boxes without the Wooden Bat, there’s no way out. Regardless which anchor box(es) you hit with the chest, the box(es) will not move far enough and will not take enough damage to break. Also, because they are anchor boxes, they cannot be pushed like other boxes can.

For the record, my definition of “softlocking” in this game is forcing yourself into a situation that you can only escape by reloading the page. Keeping this definition in mind, the methodology presented above is the fastest way to truly softlock the game, and one of only two. The alternative method is to roll into a small dead-end passageway that ends up blocked off by some sort of container, an example of which is demonstrated in the GIF below.

On the other hand, there are many more ways you can pseudo-softlock; i.e., force yourself into a situation that can only be escaped by reloading the page or dying. In fact, if you remember this image:

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 8.35.49 PM

This is one such example. Notice that the only way out of the situation is to reload the page or use the Bombs to gradually reduce your HP to 0.

Some other examples of pseudo-softlocking that I can name off the top of my head are: Pot Head Clipping between the two locked doors in Bandits’ Lair; Door Pushing the aforementioned two locked doors (or unlocking one and Pot Head Clipping past the other) and entering the boss door (which resets the doors’ positions and leaves you with no way back but reloading or suiciding); and initiating the Big Eye fight from outside of the barricades (which leaves you in a cut-off place where you can only stand on the right or fall to the left). Speaking of the last case, if you initiate the Big Eye fight from afar and pass through the doorway on just the right frame, you’ll end up on the far right side of the save statue room with an invisible barrier just to the right of the aforementioned doorway. (In this situation, there’s not even anywhere to fall.)

Nowi Wins That’s all for today. I really didn’t have anything special to talk about, so I felt like dropping a little Softlocking 101.


Feedback is always appreciated!

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