Nothing Specific (Thought Dump Thursday 6/30/16)

From now on, this shall be the title when I have no particular topic in mind but still wish to meet the deadline for Thought Dump Thursday head-on.

Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright

I recently started a new playthrough on Normal Casual and am currently on Chapter 22 after having spent about 27 hours on it. I decided to play as a female, with Clever Boon (+Mag) and Clumsy Bane (-Skill), and marry Ryoma. I also tried some new things in regards to the relationships and most of the classes:

  • Subaki (Lv.3 Falcon Knight) + Kagero (Lv.3 Master Ninja)
  • Silas (Lv.4 Great Knight) + Azura (Lv.23 Songstress)
  • Orochi (Lv.3 Onmyoji) + Hayato (Lv.3 Basara)
  • Oboro (Lv.2 Spear Master) + Kaden (Lv.2 Nine-Tails)
  • Felicia (Lv.22 Maid) + Takumi (Lv.23 Ballistician)
  • Jakob (Lv.23 Butler) + Setsuna (Lv.2 Sniper)
  • Hana (Lv.1 Swordmaster) + Azama (Lv.2 Great Master)
  • Sakura (Lv.1 Priestess) + Hinata (Lv.2 Master of Arms)
  • Mozu (Lv.1 Merchant) + Saizo (Lv.2 Mechanist)

I married Rinkah with Kaze as well, but I didn’t realize that you could keep Kaze after Chapter 15. I had no idea that the secret was having him reach A-rank with the main unit (until I looked it up on a wiki). It’s a shame because, in my first playthrough, I had him at B-rank before the chapter in question.

I don’t plan on doing any child paralogues until both advanced-class parents are at least level 5. I might do Kiragi’s paralogue, though, considering Tomebreaker is subjectively the best thing that Felicia can pass down, and Takumi can’t pass anything Ballistician-related (because it’s a DLC class).

Speaking of which, another thing that I did differently as opposed to my previous playthrough is waiting until base class units hit level 20 in their base class before promoting them with a Master Seal. This change came about because I realized how different the Seal system in Fates is from the one in Awakening, notably in that using Master Seal immediately is no longer the answer (because nothing in Fates works quite like the Second Seal in Awakening; any levels you skip with the Master Seal in Fates will pass by irrevocably).

I don’t know if I’ll ever get any of the other stories (Conquest + Revelations), but if I do, I’ll probably get both. (By the way, Beruka is best Nohrian girl.)


Yeah, I’m still working on this as a speedgame. I’m pretty much done with any%, but I do plan on improving my 100% time in the near future, with a bit of new tech that I figured out over the course of my rehearsal runs. I might move on to miscellaneous categories as well, but part of me wants to step away from that territory and instead work on running something different: Diamond Hollow II. (I mean, I kinda said to the sole moderator of the leaderboard of the game that I would consider it.)

I also plan on working on a glitch/skip showcase, which will be a video tutorial with as in-depth explanations as I can possibly provide—on Loot Duping, Ancient’s Crater lockout battle skips, Pot Head Clipping, and more. I plan on improving my 100% time first, though.

On a final note, I compiled a document of save passwords for learning/practicing any% and 100% runs.

This can be found under the Resources section of, and the most up-to-date routes and guides can be found under the Guides section.


Nowi Wins À la prochaine! (Until next time!)


Feedback is always appreciated!

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