Phoenotopia Forgotten Forest navigation + yet another glitch (Thought Dump Thursday 3/31/16)

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 11.08.48 PM

See anything wrong with this picture?
Yeah, that’s the glitch.

Recently, I was experimenting with movement through Forgotten Forest in 100% speedruns, mostly because my performance in that area in my current 100% record was…less than adequate (in fact, even worse than that of my first 100% run), and I feel like sharing insight on what I consider to be an ideal run of this particular segment rather than trying to find time to improve my 100% time (which is much easier said than done, mostly because I’m in my final semester of college and I would prefer to improve my any% time if anything).

First off, here is a video. It may not be perfect (after all, I am human), but it gives an idea of a Forgotten Forest 100% route that is radically different from the original route.

As you can see, rather than doing everything as intended (except maybe grabbing the fourth key), we skip three out of four required keys in the entire area.

How this route differs from the original route:

  • I decided to add an extra Jar of Honey to the route (which will be bought as a second jar during the Sunflower Road backtrack), hence the honey consumption at 0:15.
  • Shortly after the honey consumption, I demonstrate a neat little shortcut that leaves two fewer Arcs (and one less Harpy) to deal with. It relies on the mechanic that the loading zone to the left is actually a wall in which you can embed the Javelin (which you can call Out of Bounds Javelin, or OoBJ, even though that’s pretty much the only practical use for this glitch) and climb up to the second level before you’re supposed to.
  • Starting at 0:31, I get ready to set up a Pot Head Clip (full info on that glitch in Thought Dump Thursday 3/3/16) that allows me to bypass the first key door at 0:43. Yep, I have now found a practical use for Pot Head Clipping. (Actually, it’s useful in Bandits’ Lair to completely avoid the pit of bandits on the way to key 2.)
  • With the honey boost, I can do a little hover at 0:50 that bypasses the Plant Dog, and the stamina regen rate makes it much easier to get the first moonstone in the area.
  • At 1:07, I throw the Javelin at maximum height, use a Bomb Jump to get up onto that Javelin, and do a little Javelin Bomb Jump (JBJ) followed by a Pixel Hover to bypass the second key door (and obtain the second moonstone in the process). If, somehow, the Pixel Hover is not enough, JBJ again. Honestly, this is the worst part of the new route; in fact, my previous take failed it three times (and therefore I felt that I had to re-record and somehow managed to pull it off first try in the re-recording). Still, it’s no more annoying than the pressure plate puzzle that you would have to do otherwise.
  • As for the “yet another glitch” I mentioned in the title, it is set up at 1:49 and demonstrated at 2:06. Here’s the gist of it: If you push two stacked objects, the top slightly farther forward than the bottom, into a locked door, the door moves with the stacked objects. I randomly found this when I was trying to no avail to find a Pot Head Clip through that locked door, and I call it Door Pushing. That’s right: literally pushing a door. Crazy, right? This allows you to bypass the third key door and obtain the third moonstone.
    This technique is sometimes limited, however, as the object on top has a tendency to match its horizontal positioning with the bottom object, which will end up halting the Door Push (in which case you would have to reset the positioning of the objects). Also keep in mind that this is not just limited to duos of containers; you can place a bomb on top of a container to achieve the same effect. I tried this in Bandits’ Lair, hoping I could find a way to skip the two key doors, but when you push one or more doors and leave the screen, the doors’ positions will be reset, meaning even if you were to bypass the two key doors and capture the Bandit Boss, you would be softlocked behind the key doors with no way out.
    I plan on testing this in Dread Lands as well, but since it is dangerously close to midnight, I will postpone such testing and edit this post with my findings later on.
    4/3/16 EDIT: I’ve tried applying the glitch to Dread Lands, only to come to the conclusion that it’s not worth the trouble. The trouble that I find is, as I mentioned earlier, the technique is sometimes limited. More times than not, I find that the object on top matches its horizontal positioning with the bottom object. I think I’ve had some moments where I could push the door as far as it could go, but I cannot, for the life of me, find any clear meaning behind that effect. If I could, the following applications would be worth it (but, for now, they aren’t):

    • skipping the O-key door for the moonstone on the second screen to the left
    • skipping the second X-key door
  • At 2:19, I finally got it through my head to throw the Javelin while waiting for the bomb to detonate during the Big Robot mark II “skip” to obtain the fourth key. (This key can be skipped, but it would require a boatload of JBJs to bypass the door, which is totally not worth it.)
  • several other minor optimizations that I haven’t mentioned

Why this run in particular is not perfect (just FYI):

  • At 0:33, there was a bit of a hovering failure.
  • bit of an unintentional switch to the Bombs at 1:19
  • box breaking is hard (1:28-1:40)
  • Door Push setup was a bit suboptimal (I mean, what was that little idling at 2:03?)
  • failed Ki Spear throw at 3:09
  • could have done better against the Arcs later on
  • sloppy menuing at 3:27
  • climbed up a few too many branches at 3:34

Even with the few hitches in that particular run, consider the following. Forgotten Forest in my current 100% record took roughly 9 minutes, while in my first 100% run it took roughly 7 minutes. With the new route, I took only four-and-a-half minutes, and that was on my second try.

What am I trying to say? I dunno. It might be some roundabout way of saying “sub 2 IGT is imminent.” But, like I said, I would prefer to improve my any% time if I had time for Phoenotopia runs.

Nowi Wins À la prochaine! (Until next time!)


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