Another glitch in Phoenotopia + current speedrun PBs (Thought Dump Thursday 3/3/16)

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 8.35.49 PM

Well, looky here. It would seem that I am trapped.
(No, those walls are not destructible or penetrable by normal means.)

Back in Thought Dump Thursday 1/7/16, I mentioned everything about a glitch known as Loot Duping that I found when I first considered speedrunning this game. In more recent news, 1 or 2 days after my latest 100% run (I don’t know which), I discovered yet another glitch. I call it:

Pot Head Clipping

Why the weird name, you may ask? Well…shown below is a video demonstrating how I first performed the glitch.

Near the Prince Tower save statue (before Kobold Mercenary General), I had the wild idea of making a weird arrangement of pots, one of which is placed on my head and at least one other of which is to my immediate left, and managing to clip myself through the barricade guarding the moonstone. It works with any variety of container, but I just call it Pot Head Clipping because (1) it originated with a pot, and (2) it sounds more dank that way.

The way I see it, the game behaves weirdly if you jump with a container placed on your head. Instead of preventing you from jumping or making you jump with the container, it takes Gale and moves her to the nearest available space surrounding her initial position. In this case, as it is evident at around 0:20 of the video, if you were to remove the factor of the pot(s) to your immediate left, the game would simply move Gale to the immediate left of her initial position. However, if you do like in the beginning of the video with the pots to your left, the game will consider the nearest available space to be to the immediate right of the barricade, hence the clip.

Sadly, in terms of speedrunning, I have not as of yet found a practical use for this glitch. In the case presented above, if done right, it does save a little time over doing it the intended way without a stamina boost, but with a stamina boost, the intended way is slightly faster.

However, the glitch does have a number of other cool applications (such as the one shown at the beginning of this post, which was taken in the Heart Ruby area of Daea prison):

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 9.43.09 PM

Daea Prison – D block
Peek-a-boo! My Javelin and I see you!

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 9.59.55 PM

Dread Lands – second screen from south entrance
Guess where I am? (Hint: center camera)

Bandits’ Lair / Atai – Nebula Armlet area
Undeniable proof that the left and right rooms are connected.
(This was recorded using Gyazo GIF, hence the poor quality.)

All three of the applications above abuse the fact that you can actually go out of bounds in some areas, which can only be explained as weirdly programmed walls; rather than being given complete impenetrability, only a box width (as I would assume) is made impenetrable, while the rest merely looks like the rest of the wall and is actually just empty space. It’s even weirder in the Daea prison application because some parts of the OoB area aren’t even on the same layer as the others. (By the way, the Dread Lands clip was done using the stationary Rolling Bombs at the far left side of the screen in question.)

So…yeah. Long story short, I found another glitch. While it is fun and has some cool applications, it has little to no practical use. (Here I’m hoping someone will try to prove me wrong.)

Anyway, moving on.

Current speedrun PBs (any% and 100%)

Since I wrote my speedrunning analyses on this game (Thought Dump Thursdays 1/7/16 and 2/4/16), I have been working to improve my times whenever I get the opportunity (which is getting more and more unlikely as I progress through the semester), and I will post my personal best runs on my YouTube channel EchecCritiqueMisc if they beat my record at the time of uploading.

Another way to keep up with my runs of this game is through the leaderboard:

So, without further ado…

Current any% record – 54:52 (57m IGT)

This run had an amazing Dread Lands + Mul Cavern, but the rest of it has “improvable” written all over it. I’m glad I got the “backup” strat for Prince Tower floor 6, though, even if it cost me time. At any rate, I definitely plan on improving this time in the near(?) future, even if it took me quite a grind for this run in the first place. I’m thinking an in-game time of 56 minutes would be a good milestone.

Current 100% record – 1:59:43 (2h 2m IGT)

Much better than my first run, and I actually did manage to cut my record down to sub 2 RTA. (Next is sub 2 IGT if I ever have the patience to grind this category any further.) Honestly, I think the worst part of this run was the Loot Duping. I had so many shaky Loot Dupes in that run alone that it’s not even funny. In other news, got Translucent Meat on the 5th farm (whereas the previous run had perfect RNG with that), the death in Forgotten Forest wasted some time, I could have done the Heart Ruby in Mul Cavern more quickly had I had a better idea what I was doing, and Harpy Skip was second try again. Golem Skip, though… I got that first try, and the setup was almost perfect. Also, there was a massive rerouting between my first run and this one, hence the lack of splits until the end.

So, I guess that’s all for now.

Nowi Wins À la prochaine! (Until next time!)


Feedback is always appreciated!

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