I like writing and all, but… (Thought Dump Thursday 2/18/16)

It’s hardly, if ever, on the forefront of my mind. Sometimes I’m driving to school. Sometimes I’m in the middle of a lecture. Sometimes I’m working on assignments. Sometimes I’m viewing a Twitch stream. Sometimes I’m playing some freemium 3DS game (usually Pokémon Shuffle). Sometimes I’m trying to get a PB in Phoenotopia. (I’m currently trying for a better time in 100%…still no luck after 7 or so attempts.) Sometimes I’m doing Conceptis puzzles. Sometimes I’m watching anime. Sometimes (although rarely) I’m reading manga. Sometimes I’m reading through the Mondaiji-tachi light novel. (I picked this up recently, and it is a great way to fill the void that the anime left.) Sometimes I’m in the middle of writing Cinq du Soleil. But, when I’m confronted with the thought that Thought Dump Thursday is around the corner, I just sort of…enter a train of thought that goes nowhere fast. My mind drifts from one topic to another, but any topics that I come up with are stupid to write about (whether out of my comfort zone or just plain stupid) or are topics that I wish to put aside until some other special occasion. On that note, that’s what’s keeping me from ever coming up with a debut of Spontaneous Series Saturday: what occasion could I possibly celebrate? Does it even have to be celebrating an occasion? Could it just be something half-hearted like this post is? (It’s real talk, but let’s face it: it’s nothing short of a long-winded rant.) I could talk about how I got a new any% PB in Phoenotopia (54:52) recently, but where would that even fit? I feel like it’d be a waste of space. Should I somehow edit these things into my previous posts? No, because that sort of practice would just throw everything out of whack. Should I make the whole Phoenotopia speedrunning thing a series? That seems like a completely stupid idea. …Maybe? I mean, every Thought Dump Thursday post of this year has somehow involved speedrunning Phoenotopia, be it the center of attention or part of a potpourri. I brought up anime at one point, and I could very well try to do a periodic review of one of the current series (preferably KonoSuba if anything), but I honestly feel burnt out due to the whole “Cavalry vs. Asterisk” series that I did last year. Reviewing is hard, man! Heck, I still don’t even know if I did it right, as I reflect from time to time on what I have written and try to draw a parallel between my writing and what goes on in my head. There’s also the issue of thinking of a last-minute topic and not being able to create a complete post before 11:59 the day of, forcing me to publish an incomplete post marked with the words “UNDER CONSTRUCTION”, complete the post later, and post an update when I’m done. That sort of thing is just a waste of space, and the update post is usually destined to be deleted. I guess in essence what I’m saying is that I do like writing, but thinking of what to write about and how to write about it is a really difficult task that I end up having to face every two weeks, and I always have the choice to either write a half-hearted post or actually take the gloves off and write something that I consider “adequate” or perhaps even better. (The way I am, though, I never consider myself any better than “adequate” in any facet.)

As frequently as I have these moments where I find it hard to think of a topic, I still have plans in mind. This is just a rough list, and there is no guarantee that any of these will become writing in the future.

  • Why I really like Mondaiji-tachi. The main reason why I’m not feeling up to this is because I would have to read through the entire light novel (which might take a while…seeing how I’m currently on volume 3 chapter 5) and watch the anime a third time (which, sadly, I still haven’t done) in order to really be able to pinpoint why I enjoy this series more than any other (even No Game No Life, a very similar (and way more popular) series).
  • My journey through anime (in general) from start to finish. This was initially what I had in mind for this post, but of course this sort of thing had to come to mind as late as the last day (not to mention one of two days when I spend roughly 10 hours away from home thanks to my current semester schedule), so I didn’t bother to follow through with it this time. Maybe someday, though…
  • A retrospective of the characters that I like and dislike. The thing about coming out with a post like this is…I’m sure I’ve said this before, but I have difficulty expressing my opinion.
  • A final summary review of the winter 2016 anime that I have been watching (Phantom World, KonoSuba, Dagashi Kashi), similar to how I did that sort of thing back in winter/spring 2015. There is a high chance (but, again, no guarantee) that this sort of idea may come into fruition, although, if it does, I might deviate a little from how I did it back then.
  • Another full post regarding Cinq du Soleil. I don’t plan on doing this until I’ve finished the entire story, which will be quite a long time from now.
  • Maybe a follow-up to the Cross-a-Pix post (that is apparently the most viewed post on this blog)? The free-to-play puzzles have been extremely difficult as of late, and I was thinking I could provide step-by-step solutions as a sort of Spontaneous Series…wait. That’s actually not a bad idea. Yep, definitely up for consideration. Come to think of it, why just limit myself to Cross-a-Pix? I could also try the same sort of thing for difficult puzzles of other categories, like Slitherlink or Pic-a-Pix. Hey, maybe every two weeks I could pick the one puzzle that I found the most difficult and offer a step-by-step solution thereof.

Anyway, that’s just a long-winded rant regarding how difficult this whole writing thing can actually be and a rough, rough, very rough list of plans for this website. (Most of these plans will be set aside until way later (or potentially even discarded), and there may even be some that I haven’t even mentioned. Stay tuned!

Nowi Wins À la prochaine! (Until next time!)


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