Poké Monday 11/2/15: Lopunny

RNG (Lopunny)  

Tier: OU
Type: Normal
Base Stats: 65 HP, 76 Atk, 84 Def, 54 Sp.Atk, 96 Sp.Def, 105 Speed
Abilities: Cute Charm, Klutz, Limber (hidden)

Mega Lopunny
Tier: OU
Type: Normal/Fighting
Base Stats: 65 HP, 136 Atk, 94 Def, 54 Sp.Atk, 96 Sp.Def, 135 Speed
Ability: Scrappy

Usable moves: Agility, Baton Pass, Blizzard, Circle Throw, Drain Punch, Encore, Façade, Fake Out, Fire Punch, Focus Blast, Frustration, Grass Knot, Heal Bell, Healing Wish, Hidden Power (Fire, Ice), High Jump Kick, Hyper Voice, Ice Beam, Ice Punch, Jump Kick, Low Kick, Magic Coat, Power-Up Punch, Protect, Rest, Return, Shadow Ball, Substitute, Switcheroo, Thunder, Thunder Punch, Thunder Wave, Thunderbolt, Toxic


In past generations, Lopunny was confined to lower tiers because of its lack of offensive presence and not much bulk to compensate. What gave it its niche back then was its access to Klutz and Switcheroo. This was a unique combination back in the D/P era, but the B/W era brought Swoobat with Klutz and Trick. (However, Swoobat is more frail and has a much better niche in Simple Calm Mind.) The combination of Klutz and Switcheroo allowed Lopunny to trade away a Choice Scarf or a Flame Orb without having to worry about the negative effects of those items, not to mention it has Encore in the event that its Choice Scarf is already traded off. Simply put, in the past, Lopunny always used its utility instead of trying to be offensive.

Now that ORAS has gifted it with an awesome Mega Evolution, its role has been reversed completely. For starters, it no longer has any use for Klutz Switcheroo in its tier because it lacks viability without its Mega Stone, Lopunnite. (It would be better off using its hidden ability, Limber, so that it can switch in freely on Thunder Waves and Glares before it Mega Evolves.) In addition, upon Mega Evolution, its already decent Speed stat is boosted by 30 base points and its paltry Attack stat by a whopping 60, putting it at the 5th highest Speed tier in OU (behind 160, 150, 145, and 140) and giving it some nice offensive power to back it up. Not only that, but it gets extra Fighting typing with Scrappy, meaning its dual STABs hit everything except Shedinja for neutral damage or above. This means that it can freely High Jump Kick and/or Fake Out without having to worry about the average Ghost-type switch-in. Finally, it has passable bulk for being offensively oriented, gets a +10 Defense boost on Mega Evolution, and can take Knock Offs relatively well after Mega Evolving (which it couldn’t if it ran a set like it did in prior generations). The extra Fighting typing also makes it easier to switch into Stealth Rock, which only takes 1/16 of the bunny’s HP instead of 1/8.

However, even Mega Lopunny is not without its limitations. Being Fighting-type gives it some extra weaknesses in Flying, Psychic, and Fairy, the first of which makes it prone to revenge killing from the likes of Talonflame and Mega Pinsir. Additionally, Mega Lopunny may be something offensively, but it’s not that powerful, especially considering that it lacks the freedom to hold an item other than Lopunnite. Its High Jump Kicks may hit hard, but its Returns/Frustrations…not so much. This means defensive Fighting resists like Landorus-Therian, Mew, and Clefable can sit in front of it without much worry, especially the first of these. Finally, Mega Lopunny uses up a Mega slot, which means that it cannot be run alongside other Megas. Therefore, when teambuilding, careful consideration is necessary, specifically in terms of what it does and how other team members can cover its bases.

In summary, Mega Lopunny has amazing neutral coverage with its high BP STABs and some nice offensive stats to back it up, but its extra weaknesses and lack of freedom of item choice hinder it somewhat.


Lopunny @ Lopunnite
Ability: Limber
Happiness: 0
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 Def / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
– High Jump Kick
– Frustration
– Fake Out
– Power-Up Punch

This set takes full advantage of Mega Lopunny’s offensive potential, utilizing its access to a nigh unblockable Fake Out (the only one besides that of Kangaskhan), hard-hitting dual STABs, and Power-Up Punch as a method of increasing its capability of wearing down more defensively oriented teams. Fake Out also has the neat advantage of allowing it to Mega Evolve freely without having to worry about base 106-135 Pokémon outspeeding it the turn it Mega Evolves.

Again, the best pre-Mega ability is Limber, which allows it to switch freely into Thunder Wave and Glare. 0 Happiness with Frustration is preferable over max Happiness and Return, especially in battle simulators where max Happiness is the default, for the sole purpose of hindering Ditto that try to copy it—Happiness is not one of the values that Ditto copies when Transforming, so if the Ditto has max Happiness, Frustration will become a base 1 Normal-type move.

EVs are pooled mainly into Attack and Speed, maximizing its offensive capabilities. Jolly nature is required to outspeed base 120-130 (notably Tornadus-Therian), as well as Choice Scarf users up to Malamar, and speed tie with Mega Manectric and other Mega Lopunny. Pre-Mega, this puts it past base 92-104, notably Mega Medicham. The remaining 4 EVs should not be put into HP; instead, they should be invested in Defense to reduce residual damage. (With 4 HP EVs, Lopunny reaches an HP stat of 272, which is divisible by 8 and 16, meaning Stealth Rock will do 34 pre-Mega and 17 post-Mega. However, keeping its HP at 271 reduces Stealth Rock damage by 1 (33 pre-Mega, 16 post-Mega) due to GameFreak’s damage formulae always rounding down.)

Other Options

Baton Pass gives Lopunny the option of keeping up momentum or potentially passing a Power-Up Punch boost (although I personally would not recommend PUP and Baton Pass on the same set). Substitute is another thing that Lopunny can Baton Pass, which also protects it from status moves and gives it one-time insurance against priority. Ice Punch is its best option against Landorus-Therian, which, at -1, 2HKOs the standard defensive variant after Stealth Rock and/or in conjunction with Fake Out. Façade can be used to counteract a potential burn or to deal greater damage than Return/Frustration when poisoned, but it is a liability otherwise (considering a resisted High Jump Kick doesn’t do much less than a neutral unboosted Façade). Lopunny can also use Healing Wish support, but there are better candidates for clerical roles.

Sample Team

http://pastebin.com/J3tYJMTf – Only tested once. It won its only battle, but that was against a team with Uxie, Kingdra, Arcanine, Scizor, Sylveon (Toxic+Protect even), and Mega Gardevoir.

This team contains:

  • Lopunny (set above)
  • Garchomp for Stealth Rock and warding off most priority users
  • Chansey for pure walling and Aromatherapy support
  • Heatran as another Stealth Rocker and defensive Steel-type
  • Gengar to take care of Psychic- and Fairy-types
  • Excadrill as a Choice Scarf user, Rapid Spinner, and alternative Fairy slayer

Feedback is always appreciated!

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