Spontaneous Saturday 9/26/15: My thoughts on Monster girls

Since the anime Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou finished airing recently, I figured I’d give my honest opinion on the monster girls in the anime, listed from my least favorite to most favorite (but only those who end up in a host family, so Draco, Kii, and Lilith are excluded). The reason why I’m not doing this for Top Three Thursday or as a full-fledged review is because either of those two options wouldn’t give enough credit to the characters—every monster girl has her time to shine at least once in the anime. Also keep in mind that I have not read the manga.


Meroune “Mero” Lorelei

Based on the mermaid, Mero is a firm believer in the story of the Little Mermaid, so her lifelong dream is to part with her true love (i.e., Kurusu) through her death. Simply put, she’s a tragedy freak. She thrives in aquamarine environments, but she requires a wheelchair to get around on land due to having a serpentine tail with a fin on the end (in place of her legs).

She may be cool with her fish-like features (fins on her hands, gills on her side, scaly skin (or so she claims), the aforementioned tail), but honestly, the reason why I find her lackluster is because her personality is similar to that of Marika Tachibana of Nisekoi, which is not a positive point because Marika is my least favorite of the Nisekoi trio. Her status as a tragic freak doesn’t help her cause either.


She’s an ogre…I guess? Apparently, in Japanese culture, what distinguishes an ogre is being a humanoid with a single horn on your forehead. She’s tall, strong, and fast, but her mild-mannered voice and personality contrast her appearance and physical capabilities. However, she’s too minor and too big of a character for me to like. I mean, being a minor character isn’t that big of a deal—not every character needs the spotlight—but honestly, there is such a thing as “too big” in terms of a woman’s size (in any sense of the word), and such a classification fits Tio very well.


How can a girl have one eye and be such an amazing sniper? I wouldn’t know, honestly. I can’t claim to know what it’s like to lack depth perception, even if I try to close one eye. I can, however, imagine having an eye so big that a chilly breeze would cause irritation to the eye and potentially cause me to close it and prevent myself from seeing anything. I can also understand her shyness, what with her only having one eye, making her not only different from humans but monsters as well. The one unsettling thing about her, however, is—as much as I hate to say it—her appearance. I don’t know…I just find it unsettling no matter how I look at it.

Centorea “Cerea” Shianus

Being a centaur gives Cerea a nice sum of 6 limbs, allowing her to run fast with her four legs while still having human arms in case she has to carry something, cover an exposed area, or use the same form of nonverbal communication that a human would. With her long abdomen, she also has room for someone (namely Kurusu) to ride her as a horse.

The problem I have with her, though, is the same problem I have with Tionishia: her size (notably breast size) is beyond what I consider “too big” for a woman. Cerea’s case is not as severe, not to mention Cerea is significantly less minor of a character than Tionishia, which explains the difference in placement. As for personality… I’d say average. She’s a knight serving her master (Kurusu), but she cracks easily under pressure. Not much worth noting there.


Supposedly a fan favorite (at least she has the most favorites on MAL), and I couldn’t explain why. Her most notable trait is…she’s the first monster girl to ever appear in the anime. Similarly to Mero, Miia has a humanoid upper body with a serpent-like tail instead of legs, and scales as well. Unlike Mero, however, Miia does not have fish-like features and can move well on land (as well as a serpent can, at least).

While she’s not as much of a tragedy freak as Mero and is not nearly as similar to Marika, Miia has a bothersome personality trait of her own: her clinginess. “Darling” this, “darling” that…it gets annoying after the first few episodes. That’s honestly the only thing bad I have to say about her, though.


One of the few characters that can be considered a true humanoid. The quality that brands her as a monster girl, however, is that her head can detach from her body. She claims to be a messenger of death, sent to take Kurusu’s life, but thanks to Sumisu‘s intimidation, Lala’s true motive is revealed: to get closer to Kurusu…I guess? That’s what I think; she only appeared in the final episode, so chances are I’m wrong.

Lala is an interesting character, but the main issue is that, again, she only appeared in the final episode, so not much is known about her outside of her demeanor during the first half of the episode, which…is hardly anything outstanding.


I’m not usually a fan of zombies—in fact, I’ll probably cringe at any mention of a zombie apocalypse—but there’s zombies, and then there’s Zombina. Zombina may be sewn together, but she is a true humanoid who at least has the brains to make good use of her supposed immortality, and a headstrong personality that is devoid of any fear of death (I mean, technically, she’s already dead). But, much like Tio, she’s so minor that it’s detrimental.


You might think from my obvious preference of Nowi that I’m into lolis. Well, that’s only partially true. Lolis always seem to have the best personality traits, and, as I said before, if a woman is too big (in any sense of the word), chances are I’ll like her less. Papi the harpy is a cute little birdbrain who also happens to be the only monster girl who can fly (outside of Draco who, again, has been omitted).

On the flip side, her playfulness sometimes makes her seem about as clingy as Miia (if not slightly less), which, again, is pretty annoying.

Rachnera “Rach-neesan” Arachnera

Spiders are cool and all, but spider girls? Eh… Rachnera’s appearance doesn’t appeal to me too much because she can look very menacing at times and, again, too big. Also, she’s such a big fan of bondage that it’s nothing short of disturbing.

I will say, however, that the fact of her being menacing is part of her character, and, even though I just now explicitly mentioned it as a negative trait, it’s actually positive in some ways. Because she’s so menacing, she tends to spin her webs in the shadows, away from human eyes, and sometimes commit taboos that could have her deported if she’s not careful about them (which, of course, she is).

To be honest, Rachnera used to be in the bottom 5 of my list, but then episode 10 happened. Lilith hypnotized Cerea into doing all these weird things with Kurusu, but when Lilith tried to use Rachnera’s “loneliness” to her advantage, Rachnera took it as a request to punish the little devil more.

“I thought you were just a little prankster, but you’re an adult on the inside. An adult can handle real punishment, yes?”

I have to say, that was probably one of the best moments of the entire anime.


Her tendency to stay in the nude is not the only reason why I like her (although I will admit it is one). I consider myself, to some extent, a fan of masters of disguise, people who can disguise themselves as someone else and no one, not even the viewer, would be any the wiser (and I guess my recent attraction (so to speak) to Kili is a contributing factor to that). It’s especially great how smug Doppel acts when she unveils her disguise and mocks her victims, especially because she fights with M.O.N. to protect the peace of the town (which means she always succeeds in fooling her victims, right?).


Man, what’s not to like about Suu? She may be a slime…she may be an airhead…and she may be something of a rapist, but she’s so carefree and cute! (I don’t usually call characters cute, so that’s quite significant, coming from me.) She’s also useful in many ways as well. She can check the edibility of plants (as discovered in episode 12), become a cushion for those who are sent flying at high speeds, and…er, become a food disposal unit of sorts. She can also one-up Doppel and transform into something to help out the gang, like breast padding for Papi, and a set of clothes for Miia and Cerea! In addition, she can use her hair as an extra arm alongside the ones she already has. Oh, and did I mention that she can read minds? She can read minds! That’s nuts, man! That one moment in episode 6, that perverted schemer was called out! Yeah, her mind reading ability is only demonstrated in one episode, but I say one is enough!

Suu can only wear a raincoat to protect her nudity, and Kurusu may accidentally end up drowning in her body, but at least she doesn’t really need to eat as long as she absorbs moisture.


So, that’s my rambling out of the way. Sorry this took so long; it took me long enough to think of a topic, and I left myself too little time in the end to write it out in its entirety. It’s done, though, so I hope you enjoyed.

Nowi Wins À la prochaine! (Until next time!)


One thought on “Spontaneous Saturday 9/26/15: My thoughts on Monster girls

  1. When I look at girls in a harem, I tend to pick out the strongest fighters. So if I have to pick favorites here, I would go with the Centaur girl. She looks like she’s the strongest fighter. Probably the only proper Fighter class girl since the others aren’t trained in combat.

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