Spontaneous Saturday 9/12/15: More spontaneity

Nowi Wins Once again, just speaking my mind here.


In Pokémon Shuffle, I have managed to S-rank all of levels 1-220 and, by extension, unlocked all of the currently released EX levels! Additionally, I have caught Terrakion and Virizion (not without the help of power-ups, of course) and am currently attempting to capture Cobalion. Sadly, even though I invested a whole 15k coins into my first attempt at capturing Cobalion (12.5k for all of Complexity -1, Mega Start, and Disruption Delay, and the other 2.5k for a Great Ball), I only managed to reach a catch rate of 16% without the Great Ball and 32% with (which, if I recall, was the result of 16 seconds remaining), so, naturally, I failed to capture it. Thankfully, Cobalion was the only one of those three legendaries that I failed to capture first try with all power ups.

What I don’t understand, though, is those moments when a Great Ball shakes less than a regular Poké Ball. I mean, the Poké Ball I used on Cobalion shook twice, but the Great Ball? Only once.

Anyway, I’m currently accumulating 15k coins again (and I’m really close), and hopefully I’ll perform better next time with my team of Blaziken (mega), Heatran, Moltres, and Delphox. Then, what will I do after catching Cobalion? Keep money grinding in preparation for the next update, of course! You can never have enough coins in that game, seriously…

Quick update: It pains me to say that I have once again failed. At least this time I performed better (22 seconds left; 22% capture rate, 44% with a Great Ball), but it looks like there’s more grinding to be done. Man, this is such a pain.


I’m still progressing in Persona Q as well. I’m up to the third floor of the fourth labyrinth (Inaba Pride Exhibit) and still…er…going strong, I guess? I mean, I’m getting annoyed at the tree shadows with their Hamaon, but I guess you could say it’s a taste of my own medicine because I always have Aigis use Mahama (past) or Mamudo (present) turn 1. (Too bad the Iron Dice are immune to Darkness.)

By the way, about the third labyrinth, it’s funny how the boss of the labyrinth isn’t even the scariest thing in the labyrinth. Seriously, the Lovely Dolls are scarier by a long shot. Like, walking into them is honestly the scariest thing not just in the labyrinth, but in the entire game. (I mean, I haven’t played the whole thing, but it’s the scariest thing so far. Fortunately, the jump-scares can be remedied by backing into the FOEs rather than walking face-first into them.) They’re also formidable FOEs that evade like 50% of attacks aimed at them, but thankfully, thanks to Aigis having a Persona with Lethargy Circle (chance of Agility Bind every turn for 3 turns) and Binding Hands (increases chances of binding), it became a much easier feat than normal. That said, to make matters worse, Lovely Dolls have Mamudoon, for which my only two options are 1) Recarm from Aigis or 2) Yomi Return (Leader skill). I still managed to defeat the darn thing eventually, and boy does it feel satisfying.

On another note, the fourth labyrinth, I have to say, is surprisingly the least scary of the quartet. Like, there’s hardly anything creepy in it, if there even is anything. I will say, though, that the encounter rate is pretty high in comparison to the other labyrinths, but maybe that’s just my imagination. Also, for the first time in any labyrinth, I defeated an FOE (specifically the Fast Guy (yep, that’s literally its name)) before completing the dungeon. Twice, even. I thought it was required in order to 100% complete the second floor because for each of the two FOEs, there is a tile that cannot be stepped on without defeating that FOE. (There’s no obvious proof, but through trial and error I have theorized that the tiles are unreachable without defeating their respective FOEs.) There is a third one, but I just decided to proceed to the third floor in hopes that I wouldn’t even need to bother with it (because there’s also a tile to uncover that requires going upstairs from the third floor). I mean, once is fine. Twice, I’ll do it if I have to. Three times…no. That’s where I draw the line. I may be a completionist, but I don’t want to go that far if I don’t have to.

By the way, as of this labyrinth, I noticed Aigis was missing so many times that I actually had to put Aim Goggles on her. I mean, it’s bad enough that she goes last all the time, but I really don’t want to be missing half of my moves, especially with my favorite character. (Missing Mahama or Mamudo isn’t a big deal, but missing something like Lightning Smash is a problem.)


I’ve also been working further on the any% route of Phoenotopia after discovering Loot Duping. My plan with the route is to stop at the honey shop only once and to only buy what’s necessary and faster (Rolling Technique Scroll, 6 Jars of Honey, Talkinator Juice, Iron Hammer, and Floatation Device), and I routed it in such a way that factors in all of the required funds without even having to raid the palace’s secret stash earlier than intended. The problem now is mastering movement through the rest of the game, starting at Misty Gorge.

What about 100% progress? Well, I feel routing 100% is more boring than I thought originally. I’ll get back to it after I’m done thinking about any%, but not right now.


On a final note…

…Suu is best MonMusu.


Nowi Wins À la prochaine! (Until next time!)


Feedback is always appreciated!

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