Top Three Thursday 9/3/15: Hardest things to pay attention to

I’m obviously not perfect, and I will admit that one of my weak points is a difficulty in paying attention to things that confuse me and/or fail to keep my interest. For example:

3. Action scenes in manga

I don’t care how much detail mangaka put into action scenes. If it’s all in black and white (which it usually is), I can hardly tell what’s going on, if ever. That’s the main quality that makes me prefer anime over manga. (Usually, I would only read a manga if I wish to know more about the plot or if there is no anime counterpart. Well, I guess Mahou Sensei Negima is an exception; I’ve read the entire manga, but I just can’t bring myself to watch the anime. I have watched the abridged series, but I don’t think that really counts.)

2. Readings

I’m usually more of a consumer than a producer, but written media is the main exception to that rule. I like writing, at least to an extent, but I dislike reading. It’s not that I find it unbearable; I just find it hard to keep on reading unless the material truly interests me. I’m okay with reading snippets, but if it’s an astounding collection of passages or an entire chapter, I would have to put in quite a lot of effort to pay attention to the beginning and push my way through. Reading comprehension is also one of my weak points. If I were asked to provide a summary of any given passage, I would be at such a loss that I would have no answer other than to quote the passage verbatim (unless it is arranged in such a manner that the main idea is blatantly obvious, which is usually not the case). I have to say also that I significantly prefer reading fiction over reading nonfiction. In fact, if I had to give a rating out of 10 to reading/writing fiction/nonfiction, I would give 8 to writing fiction, 6 to reading fiction, 5 to writing nonfiction, and 3 to reading nonfiction. Note that these are relative ratings, and my ratings of individual works are subject to deviation. Fanfiction? I’m not into that kind of stuff, but it’s not like I would mind writing any of my own. Textbooks, though? I would be hard pressed to keep my focus on those. As far as textbooks go, I only like to pick out the important information that pertains to my assignments. That’s all there is to it.

1. Lectures

In one ear, out the other. I just find it really hard to pay attention when someone is just talking. Like, I can’t keep focus for 30 seconds (as an estimate) without my mind drifting elsewhere. Heck, sometimes, after hearing one person say one little thing, it might take several minutes for it to click in my mind. It’s a sad case, honestly, because it sometimes happens when it’s too late. Anyway, my point is: it’s difficult for me to focus on lectures; either everything just escapes my mind, or I take so many notes that I can’t draw a logical conclusion from them. (This ties back to the “Readings” part.) Sometimes, I end up not taking enough notes and not understanding what little I jotted down. In summary, when it comes to taking notes, I feel that I either get too little or too much out of a lecture, and I feel that I’m not the type of guy who will ever get it “just right.” Yeah, I’m weak in reading and listening comprehension. That’s how I am.

Nowi Wins À la prochaine! (Until next time!)



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