Spontaneous Saturday 8/29/15: Actually spontaneous

No rules, no format, no nothing. Just…

Nowi WinsNowi WinsNowi WinsNowi WinsNowi WinsNowi WinsNowi WinsNowi WinsNowi WinsNowi Wins



Like I can just write quality content at the drop of a hat, right? It’s so close to Sunday that I might as well just speak my mind as accurately as possible.


Persona Q is actually a darn good game. I’m on the third labyrinth right now. I have to say, the second boss is very interesting. At the beginning of every other turn, it says something along the lines of, “You must vow to me…” something, and then it summons a bunch of coffins, at least one of which is colored. Sometimes, it may say, “You must vow to me all manner of things!” or something along those lines. Before that point, you’d have to memorize what exactly the coffins do, or just figure out that the colors correspond to the colors of menu actions (red = Attack, yellow = Skill, cyan = Leader Skill (in the boss’s terms, “being bossy”), green = Items, orange = Defend). Handicaps are fun…except for some of the laws in Final Fantasy Tactics A2 (for instance, the one that forbids “Harming the weak”).

By the way, I have this game on rental, I chose the Persona 3 protagonist, and my supposed “destined partner” for the second labyrinth was Fuuka. It makes me think, though. The mad clergyman (or whatever that second boss is called) tried to force us into marriage, but Aigis came to the rescue. So, I wonder if Aigis is a more likely candidate… ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I mean, she is my favorite character, and the main reason why I chose the Persona 3 protagonist. (She is a robot, but still…)

Also, I should mention that the 3DS I own is currently living on its left hinge. Maybe it’s time for a new one.

And Persona Q’s labyrinth boss music is pretty cool.


My penultimate semester of college has started, so the likelihood of me producing “quality content” (if that even means anything in terms of this blog) is relatively low. Just a heads-up.


Nowi Wins That’s all, folks!


Feedback is always appreciated!

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