Spontaneous Saturday 6/20/15: Thought Dump 5

The quality of my Saturday and Thursday posts has been degrading lately. I just can’t seem to narrow my thoughts down to a single topic. Thus, it’s time for another Thought Dump.


Video game happenings

I finally got that IYWP FC that I’ve been pursuing for the last two months!

For about a month and a week, I’ve been on and off about it, but after that time period, I started taking it seriously, and I finally got it. As I mentioned in the description, having a warm-up playlist of Ties That Bind, Chemical Warfare, This Day We Fight, Black Widow of La Porte, Sudden Death, and Fury of the Storm definitely helped.

What made it hard to FC: 40% Guitar Solo 2B, 30% Synth Solo, 15% Guitar Solo 2A, 10% Chorus 2, 5% everything else.

Remaining FCs by estimated likelihood: This Day We Fight, Black Widow of La Porte, Sudden Death, Ties That Bind, Fury of the Storm

Remaining FCs in GH3 by estimated likelihood: The Way It Ends, Holiday in Cambodia, Raining Blood, One, Through the Fire and Flames


In Pokémon Shuffle, I have caught every Pokémon in levels 1-200 and EX1-18, in addition to Tropius, Sigilyph, Farfetch’d, Druddigon, Shaymin, and Giratina. Apparently, the EX levels go as far as 21, but I don’t have enough S ranks to access all of them. In fact, I just got enough S ranks to unlock EX19.

In Pokémon Rumble World, I have all species in every balloon up to Pearl, as well as White, with just a few species remaining in the Black balloon. The next balloon costs 90 diamonds, and I am currently at 64. I have done missions 1-19 completely, missions 20 and 22 completed aside from hard mode, missions 21 and 23 completed with 2/3 extra goals, and mission 24 yet to be completed. My current rank is 50, and my most powerful Pokémon is a 1571 Palkia, followed by 1558 Zekrom in second and 1550 Dialga in third.

Keep in mind that all of this is without paying a darn thing. Even though it would probably be more fun if I did pay (more so Rumble World than Shuffle), I regret nothing.


Anime happenings

I wish not to dabble too much into the currently airing anime just because they are nearing their end and I want to save talking about them until next Spontaneous Saturday. I will, however, provide a quick word on what I’m excited to see in the finales.

  • Nisekoi: – Ichijou x Onodera! Is it finally happening!? …How would it affect Raku’s other acquaintances? Haru? Chitoge? Marika? Tsugumi?
  • Hello!! Kiniro Mosaic – Nothing in particular, honestly, but I’m still excited. This anime has had me hyped since I binge watched the first season.
  • DanMachi – Things are getting real. What is that giant? Could it be…that one titan defending the above floor, but powered up by Freya? I think that’s what it is… I have a feeling it’s going to be another one of those power-of-teamwork type battles. There will be friendship and stuff. Excited? I can’t say for sure.
  • Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo – I didn’t think I’d get into this anime before I watched the first OVA episode, but I got into it because I started to get interested in the supernatural goings-on. Now it’s more interesting than ever, with Yamada’s friends having forgotten him…until Urara witnesses Yamada kissing Nene and…starts to wonder…who he is? I can kinda see where this is going, although because there are two more episodes, I have a feeling there’s more to it than I can imagine.

I’ve also been trying to get into other anime. I got around to watching the Gurren Lagann movie (Gurren-hen), and I say it was worth it. The first half seems like a recap with only the plot-important elements included, but the second half was actually quite a twist. I honestly didn’t expect the three generals and Viral to team up, and I especially liked the part where Yoko was fighting Adiane—despite Yoko having her top stripped off, she kept fighting without showing any embarrassment (and Boota fetched it right after). So, yeah, it was something of a refresher on what I’d watched before, but it wasn’t entirely a repeat. Simply put, it was good.

I tried two episodes on Punch Line, but I don’t think I could watch the rest of it. Even though I was wondering what would occur with Yuuta’s power in terms of how it could be worsened or potentially alleviated, but overall, I just lost interest.

Upon finding out through the Summer 2015 preview that Non Non Biyori was getting a second season, I decided to give the series a try. The first episode was somewhat boring to me, but I think my interest grew after watching the second episode. Renge seems to be a fan favorite from what I’ve seen, but I have to say I prefer Hotaru. I thought of her as a Yuuko Nishi look-alike, and they’re not too different, what with being from another area, having long black hair, and having a sweet voice and personality. Still, it’s slice of life, so every character shines in its own manner. I just find Hotaru to be the best of the main quartet. I’m not sure whether I’ll watch more episodes; that decision is to be determined later.

I’ve also been planning to watch JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, the problem being I don’t know when the appropriate time would be.


Nowi Wins Something something, apology for lateness… À la prochaine! (Until next time!)


Feedback is always appreciated!

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