Top Three Thursday 5/28/15: Reasons for lack of inspiration

Okay, I’ll be honest: it’s past 10 pm and I really don’t know what to write for Top Three Thursday. So, I will use this post as an explanation of why I find it so hard to formulate a topic nowadays.

3. Getting serious in Guitar Hero

Particularly Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock. I wish to full combo (FC) the song “If You Want Peace… Prepare For War” and finally get up to 88/93. At first, I tried to start a routine, but I dropped it after three days. Now, I try to do at least one real run per day, maybe more if I’m feeling confident. Today I FC’d the Synth Solo in a real run for the first time in my life. Later, I hope to get a full solo FC and eventually knock out the full song. And…I don’t know what I’d do afterwards, to be honest…maybe go for “The Way It Ends” on GH3?

2. Freemium Pokémon games

It’s not just Rumble World now. I got into Pokémon Shuffle recently, and it is way more fun than I expected. Nowadays, I try to make sure I get as many events done per day as possible for both games, which is kinda difficult at times due to the way I optimize it for Pokémon Shuffle; what I tend to do is predict at what time in the future I will have 4 hearts and spend them all at that time before obtaining the 5th—this way, for every second time I complete this sequence, I will be able to take care of the White balloon in Rumble World as well (the time I take care of events in Rumble World only depends on the recharge time of the balloon that takes longest to recharge; any quicker rate and it would be too much of an addiction, as I’ve found out the hard way).

1. Real life issues

Aside from eating, sleeping, and bathing, I’m making up a class that I would have otherwise failed, so I would sometimes prefer to dedicate my time to activity for that class. There are also times when my parents wish to take me out for whatever reason, whether it’s to eat out or to visit my sister, or both. Also, there is a high possibility that I will have to gather some internship experience, although the details surrounding that are up in the air.


Also, not listed here but nonetheless worth noting is keeping up with weekly puzzles and anime. Every Friday, when I wake up, I go to the “Play online” page of the Conceptis website and do at least most of the weekly puzzles. Obviously, the ones I am least likely to do are Maze-a-Pix and Dot-a-Pix, but there are a select few number logic puzzles that I will give up on due to difficulty (examples: 8×8 Medium Calcudoku (this happened two weeks in a row once), Medium Hashi, Medium plus Slitherlink). As for anime, along with the three I mentioned on Spontaneous Saturday 5/9 (Hello! Kiniro Mosaic, Nisekoi:, DanMachi), I also decided to pick up Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo, making that four anime series I keep up with weekly.

(There’s also viewing Twitch streams, but that kinda ties in with eating, because I generally view Twitch streams while eating.)

Nowi Wins Please understand.


Feedback is always appreciated!

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