Spontaneous Saturday 5/9/15 (slightly late): Thought Dump 4

Well, now that I actually have a moment of respite, I suppose I can actually make a proper thought dump. (N.B.: The use of “proper” in this context is to be taken with a grain of salt.)

Shoot, sorry this is being published way late. I’ve been too caught up in Pokémon Rumble World (more information below) to be able to properly write out my thoughts and make it any earlier than the last minute. (In fact, I couldn’t even publish before 5/10 at midnight…)

Previous thought dumps: 1 2 3


Game talk

I have been playing Pokémon Rumble World…a lot. April 30 is when I first downloaded the game, and I’ve been playing the crap out of it since then. While it’s not exactly my first Pokémon Rumble game, the only other game is the Pokémon Rumble demo, which I only remember faintly. Note that I play Rumble World in French, so I have no real idea about the English counterparts of the terminology used (noted in brackets).

I’m not a huge fan of that so many things cost diamonds, which are difficult to obtain without paying. A few examples:

  • For the air balloons [Fr: Montgolfières] to recharge, you have to wait a certain period of time, but if you pay 1 diamond, you can go there immediately.
  • The roulette is so RNG-dependent, it’s stupid. Well, at the cost of 2 diamonds, you can manipulate the roulette by pressing X.
  • Died mid-battle? You can revive for 2 diamonds.
  • Want access to the most powerful/useful moves in the game? Guess what? They cost diamonds. I mean, I can get by without access to these moves, but it’s still worth noting.
  • All Mega Stones, except for the first one you get, cost diamonds (5 each).
  • Most items [Fr: Objets] in the store [Fr: Boutique], such as space upgrades [Fr: Maisons Pokémon] and certain trees [Fr: Arbre Étourdissement, Arbre Monnaie, Arbre Dénomination] cost diamonds.
  • Air balloons cost diamonds. (This is what motivates me to save diamonds.)
  • I don’t know if this pertains, but diamonds cannot be bought with Poké (coins).

But hey, it must be so in order for the game to make money, I suppose.

Currently, I have fully completed 14 missions [Fr: Batailles spéciales], 11 on hard mode [Fr: mode difficile], and am on the 15th [Fr: Tournoi royal : 1/4 de finale], which I haven’t unlocked yet. As for air balloons, I have the first three [Fr: Bourgeon, Océan, Brasier], Ruby, Sapphire, Gold, Silver, and Pearl [Fr: Rubis, Saphir, Or, Argent, Perle], among which I have only captured all species of the first three (although I am at least half way in all the rest, at least 9/10 for every balloon except Pearl). My highest powered Pokémon, at 1175, is a Latios with Dragon Claw [Fr: Dracogriffe] and Dragon Dance [Fr: Danse Dragon], second being a 1112 Darmanitan-Zen [Fr: Darumacho mode Transe] with Zen Headbutt [Fr: Psykoud’boul] and Flame Charge [Fr: Nitrocharge].

Yeah, going full F2P (free-to-play) may be one heck of an RNG fest, but I enjoy it nonetheless. Sometimes it’s really fun, but sometimes it can be really frustrating.

For example, mission 4 [Fr: Un nouveau restaurant] was extremely annoying to beat on hard mode because of that stupid Slurpuff and its extremely annoying Swirlix cronies. Honestly, the Slurpuff can recover, Fairy only has two weaknesses (Poison and Steel), and the Swirlix are especially annoying; they use a heart move that reduces Attack and stuns for a painstakingly long period of time, so approaching Slurpuff recklessly will more than likely result in time running out. For that particular bout, I somehow managed to obtain an Excadrill that could spam Metal Claw and win.

Also, getting bad luck on the roulette is not all bad, as you have the potential to obtain more powerful Pokémon and can spam Knock Off, preferably with the title [Fr: Dénomination] that gets you more Poké [Fr: Somptueux] (although I don’t exactly know if they stack), in order to obtain as much Poké as possible.

Above all else, though, I hate accuracy drops and Confusion. That reminds me also, the game stays at least somewhat faithful to the original series, what with those two statuses being the absolute worst, a Pokémon’s base stats playing a role in its combat capabilities (Attack/SpA, Defense/SpD, Speed, and HP), and the moves in terms of their power and charge-up time (the latter of which is the game’s way of simulating accuracy). However, there are numerous differences: volatile statuses and stat changes wearing off, the replacement of abilities with titles [Fr: Dénominations], the lack of difference between physical and special attacks, lack of immunities, a distinct lack of the words “Not very effective”, the new stun condition, and the radically different gameplay. Instead of having to fight Trainers, you fight a bunch of rogue toys and collect them through the balloons [Fr: Montgolfières], only two moves per Pokémon (which means if you decide to run a setup move, like I usually do, you only have one offensive option), boss Pokémon, Mega Evolution (which can be done on multiple Pokémon per battle, as I noticed Sucker4Jessica tweet) causing massive damage to surrounding Pokémon, forts that generate enemies (only in mission areas), and a combo system of which I honestly cannot comprehend the purpose. It is also worth noting the mechanic that the first move used after a boosting move takes longer to execute.

Overall rating: 9/10. Annoying to wait for in F2P, but is it really worth paying for? Either way, the gameplay is stimulating, at least.


I’ve been playing Super Mario Galaxy 2 as well. Watching people stream it on Twitch, notably 360chrism, has inspired me to play the game again so that I can beat The Perfect Run for once in my life. Unfortunately, because my save data got wiped when the old Wii got bricked (and I mindlessly deleted any data I might have saved on a certain SD card), I had to start completely from scratch. As of now, I have obtained the first 120 stars, all of the green stars in World 1, and also the Supermassive Galaxy green stars (because I use the galaxy to obtain infinite lives). My plan for now (subject to change depending on circumstances) is to do one world of green stars per day.


Anime talk

Kiniro Mosaic – I am now fully caught up with this series, and I have to say, it is some good stuff. It’s slice of life with English elements mixed in (English in this case being from the country of England). Of course, there were some comedic moments and some touching moments, and I especially enjoy some of the relationships between characters. In particular:

  • Aya and Yoko – Their hair colors are somewhat symbolic; Aya (blue-haired) is the more calm one, while Yoko (red-haired) is more hot-headed. Their relationship is somewhat difficult; Aya, being a tsundere, finds it hard to express her true feelings, while Yoko is too dense to read between the lines, so to speak. It reminds me of the relationship between Mio and Ritsu from K-On.
  • Karen and Kuzehashi-sensei – Kuzehashi-sensei, a character not introduced until season 2, is a foil to Karasuma-sensei from season 1; Karasuma is a likable teacher who struggles to be punitive, while Kuzehashi is a punitive teacher who struggles to be likable. The thing about when Karen is added to the mix is that Karen always likes to bug Kuzehashi despite that the former is on bad terms due to her poor conduct as a student. And, while Kuzehashi is always ready to give Karen a scolding, the act of Karen bothering Kuzehashi sometimes causes the latter to feel grateful.
  • Shinobu and Alice – Basically the main relationship of the series. To think that Alice would travel overseas just to meet her friend and transfer into her friend’s school; that is inspiring. In turn, Shinobu’s obsession with blonde hair has caused her to take a liking to Alice (and Karen) and decide in her career path to become an interpreter. Even though there may be some tension due to Shinobu being infatuated with Karen’s hair as well as Alice’s, Shinobu and Alice are a pair that will always make up in the end, much like Run and Tooru from A-Channel. In fact, that last part pretty much summarizes their relationship. They’re always there for each other, one is a ditz (Shinobu/Run) and the other is short (Alice/Tooru), and there is a third party that causes tension (Yuuko in A-Channel, Karen in KinMoza).

Top three characters in ascending order: Yoko Inokuma, Isami Oomiya, Aya Komichi


Nisekoi – I honestly don’t have much to say about Nisekoi. I will note the following:

  • The whole story involving Chitoge and her mother gave me feels.
  • Only a few characters are introduced in the second season (at least up to episode 5): Chitoge’s parents, Paula McCoy, and Haru Onodera (and the last, although actually introduced in the OVA, has had little to no character development).
  • The opening theme for season 2 is pretty catchy. It’s not one of my favorites, but it’s at least better than average.
  • Season 2 taught me that Shuu is not just some comic relief character; he’s actually portrayed as a good student as well (better than Raku at the very least).
  • The fact that the second season is to run 12 episodes as opposed to the first season’s 20 episodes does not disappoint me in the slightest.

Top three characters in ascending order: Seishirou Tsugumi, Ruri Miyamoto, Kosaki Onodera


Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka – Oh, hey, another anime with a ridiculously long title. Commonly shortened to DanMachi, this anime is about goddesses living as humans and living with humans, and Bell Cranel’s pursuit of becoming stronger in order to measure up to Aiz Wallenstein, on whom he’s had a crush since she saved him from a minotaur. I suppose it’s really a demonstration of the lengths to which people will go for the sake of love. I mean, Hestia acquired a weapon for Bell that she couldn’t afford and thus was forced to work as an assistant in Hephaestus’s shop. Bell showed compassion for his supporter, Lili, despite being deceived multiple times and being yelled at by her. Eina, Bell’s advisor, asked Aiz to come to Bell’s rescue, knowing that he would be in danger. I’m sure there are and will be plenty more examples, so…yeah.

Top three characters in ascending order:  Mia Grand, Liliruca Arde, Bell Cranel


Nowi Wins À la prochaine! (Until next time!)


Feedback is always appreciated!

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