Spontaneous Saturday 4/25/15: Momentary pause

Apologies. It’s past 10pm and I’ve been too wrapped up in my studies to write about anything recreational. I don’t want to make this a complete cop-out of a post, though, so I suppose I’ll mention that I’ve been playing Disgaea DS lately. It’s definitely been fun, maybe even more so than Final Fantasy Tactics A2. I’m only at the beginning of Blazing Core story-wise, but that’s because I’m grinding…mainly because in Lavish Hall (the last mission in Dinero Palace), Laharl was literally the only unit that survived.

On that note, I’ll include an imgur album of my current army (or whatever you call it).



Nowi Wins Once again, apologies for the half-baked content. Regular progress will resume on Top Three Thursday.


Feedback is always appreciated!

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