Top Three Thursday 4/2/15: Recent Guitar Hero 3 FCs

1/2/16 EDIT: I guess Facebook changed its image URLs for whatever reason, so the images were broken and I had to fix them. But, hey, they’re fixed now.


This is late because I had work to do and had a really hard time thinking of a topic.

To people who don’t know what FC means (in the year 2015): FC means Full Combo, a term to describe when a Guitar Hero player hits every single note without breaking his/her combo by overstrumming.

For example, this is not an FC:

This is an FC:

(Yes, there was a time when I overstrummed in Chemical Warfare. It sucked. Badly.)

FCs are easily represented in GH5 and GH:WoR with the 6-star rating, but it’s not so easy to tell in any of the prior Guitar Hero games.


Anyway, in case you are not already aware, I am an expert Guitar Hero player on GH3 and GH6 (Warriors of Rock) for the Wii. Because I’ve pretty much reached an impasse in Warriors of Rock (six songs that I have yet to FC, and I don’t feel close to any of them), I decided to get back into GH3 for whatever reason. Unfortunately, though, all the data I’ve accumulated since I got the game is now deleted forever thanks to the old Wii getting bricked, so I had to look up all the cheats, unlock everything, and try to remember what songs I hadn’t FC’d. I do remember from my YouTube info that I had 62 FCs, so I made note of the most likely 8 songs. As of now, I have 65 FCs, which would imply that I got 3, although the overall count might be faulty, so it could be the case that I got 4…heck, I don’t know. At any rate, on with the list.


3. Nothing For Me Here


This is the song that I don’t know whether I had FC’d before or not. It was quite a tiring night back then; it took way longer than it needed to due to the sheer number of outro chokes and other dumb misses. Pretty fun song to play and listen to, but really annoying and quite a pain in the fingers (especially the middle).


2. The Number of the Beast


Once again, dumb outro misses. One was a try-hard attempt to squeeze (strummed a chord too early), and one was a brain fart at the beginning of the outro. The only hard section is Solo 1, for which I improvised a method (I can’t do it one-handed), but somehow in one run I managed to hit Solo 1 and miss Solo 2 (even though before that I hit Solo 2 easy peasy every time). In the end, though, I managed to get my head straight and FC the song. Despite the struggle, the song is fun to play. Listen to…meh, I’ve heard catchier.


1. Cult of Personality


Man, does this guy think he’s a god or something? I really find the whole theme behind this song to be a little unsettling. In structure, I find this song to be similar to Guitar Hero On Tour: Modern Hits Theme from Warriors of Rock: easy stuff, Solo 1, more easy stuff, long+difficult Solo 2, and easy stuff until the end. In this case, though, Solo 1 is more of a gatekeeper than the stupidest section in the entire song (seriously, I’ve missed more in GHOTMHT Solo 1 than anywhere in Solo 2). To be honest, the day I FC’d Cult was a weird one; in practice mode, I was struggling trying to get Solo 1 so, while I usually do it one-handed, I added a few taps to make the method more consistent; then—here’s the odd part—I hit every section from “Start soloing!” to “Don’t stop soloing!” second try. That’s right, I only had to reset once, and that was due to a miss at the end of Start Soloing or the beginning of Keep Soloing (I don’t remember which). So, at that moment, I decided, “Well, time to do runs.” Thankfully, after the practice session, I managed to get the full song 4th try. Needless to say, it was a good day.


So, all that remains for me in GH3 is Holiday in Cambodia (stupid intro), The Way it Ends (takes time), Raining Blood, One, and (of course) Through the Fire and Flames.


Nowi Wins À la prochaine! (Until next time!)


Feedback is always appreciated!

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