Top Three Thursday 3/5/15: Favorite Mega Evolutions

This is late because it took me freaking hours to come up with a topic. True story.

3. Mega Sceptile

Upon Mega Evolving, Sceptile gains an additional Dragon typing and Lightning Rod, as well as a nice offensive boost. So many people have thought, “Grass/Dragon with Lightning Rod? That’s so stupid; it already 4x resists Electric, so why bother giving it an Electric immunity? I want my Sap Sipper Swampert!” …Or at least something along those lines. Really, though, it’s not that useless; do keep in mind that Lightning Rod also makes Sceptile immune to Thunder Wave, the most commonly used paralyzing move in the game. I also enjoyed using it in my Omega Ruby playthrough, although it isn’t that stellar in-game due to its frailty and its questionable level-up movepool. Really, the only thing I question is this: why does Sceptile only get its two most useful STABs, Giga Drain and Dragon Pulse, by tutor? Not even by breeding; by tutor exclusively. It’s stupid if you ask me. I will say, though, I created a Maison Triples team based on Whimsicott and Terrakion, and this member was a perfect fit. It stops priority with Quick Guard, it breaks anyone’s Sturdy/Sash with Dragon Pulse (hits across the field), it destroys Ground-types with Giga Drain, and it makes a joke of unsuspecting Thunder Wave users anywhere on the opponent’s right that try to paralyze Terrakion. More details on the triples team:

2. Mega Beedrill

The fact that Beedrill got a Mega Evolution is kind of a farce, honestly, but at least it got a good Mega Evolution. I mean, ridiculous offensive stats and Adaptability? Sounds awesome! Unfortunately, it has to resort to Protect to jump from its base form’s measly base 75 Speed to its Mega form’s ridiculous base 145 Speed. (Fun fact: Mega Beedrill is faster than Scarf Beedrill.) It’s also worth mentioning that Bug and Poison aren’t the best offensive types; Bug is resisted by 7 types and super-effective against 3 types, while Poison is resisted by 4 types, immunified by 1 type, and super-effective against 2 types. Heck, one of those types (Grass) is weak to both Bug and Poison. In fact, the only reasons to run Poison STAB alongside Bug STAB are 1) because of Adaptability, and 2) for Fairy-types and whatever other types resist Bug but not Poison. Part of the problem with Mega Beedrill also lies in four-moveslot syndrome, which forces it to either give up a STAB or give up coverage (its main coverage options are Knock Off and Drill Run, the former for utility and Flying-types resistant to Poison, and the latter for really bulky Steel-types). It just goes to show that things are not always ideal, even when getting a ridiculous buff. Still, Mega Beedrill looks pretty cool, and at least GameFreak showed some form of love for it.

1. Mega Gallade

As if Gallade wasn’t awesome enough already, it got a Mega Evolution for ORAS. It gets a well-needed boost in Defense and Speed, and its already decent Attack is boosted to a fearsome level. It also looks cooler and makes a neat animation when swinging its arm (which, in turn, blazes a trail of red). The only real downside to Mega Evolving is getting a worse ability in Inner Focus, which serves little purpose outside of preventing Fake Out alone from stopping its sweep. Also, much like Beedrill, its base form’s Speed tier is lackluster compared to that of its Mega form (although the difference is not as extreme in Gallade’s case, so Protect is not as essential). Still, Gallade has a neat movepool for its Mega Evolution, boasting options like Close Combat (or the more reliable Drain Punch), Zen Headbutt (or the more reliable Psycho Cut), Knock Off, the elemental punches, Swords Dance, and Taunt. I did mention that things are not always ideal, what with Mega Gallade getting a worse ability and losing an item to be what it is, but Mega Gallade is still pretty darn awesome.


Feedback is always appreciated!

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