Spontaneous Saturday 2/28/15: Poké Monday in further detail

Poké Monday is a series idea that I started on July 22, 2014, no more than two months after the creation of Vouiv-review. Every two weeks, I go to random.org and generate a number between 1 and 721 inclusive. On November 29, 2014, I decided that if this number belonged to a Pokémon not worth reviewing (i.e., Pokémon who have an evolution in the lowest possible tier and are not LC legal), I would make note of the number (as well as any repeats that may occur) at the beginning of the post.

Pokémon not worth reviewing: Bayleef, Boldore, Cascoon, Croconaw, Dewott, Electabuzz, Gloom, Graveler, Grotle, Grovyle, Herdier, Jigglypuff, Kakuna, Klang, Lombre, Luxio, Magmar, Metapod, Palpitoad, Pidgeotto, Poliwhirl, Quilava, Sealeo, Servine, Silcoon, Skiploom, Spewpa, Swadloon, Swirlix, Tranquill, Vanillish, and Weepinbell.

(I had Vulpix on the list before, but I just checked its entry in the Smogon Strategy Pokédex and found that it’s actually legal in Little Cup.)

Important note: I am aware of the existence of the PU tier (a tier below NU), and Pokémon Showdown makes evident the Pokémon that are PU-legal, but I do not acknowledge the PU tier as an official metagame (mostly because on the Smogon Forums, the discussion forum is a subforum of the Other Metagames forum, not to mention there are no PU tags on the Smogon Strategy Pokédex). Even so, I feel that using PU Pokémon in PU would be more fun than using PU Pokémon in NU. That said, I would greatly appreciate feedback about this issue.

It’s also worth noting that I try as hard as possible not to look up the Smogon Strategy Pokédex entries of the Pokémon I analyze, because discovering a Pokémon’s potential on my own is more fun than relying on external sources in order to do so. If, however, I do use sources (and this may happen from time to time), I make sure to give credit where credit is due. The ones I don’t mention are the Pokémon Showdown Teambuilder and Serebii, which I use to gather primary information like tiering, abilities, stats, and usable moves.

Speaking of the teambuilder, my process for building teams has no real rhyme or reason. I just take the Pokémon whose number I generated, make a usable set out of it, and try to think, depending on the tier, what threats the team needs to handle. I generally tend towards balanced teams, the type that are mostly offensive but have 2-4 Pokémon that can take a hit. (For example, the TrickBand Floatzel team I built for January 26, 2015, had four offensive Pokémon with a defensive “core” of Mantine and Mega Steelix.) To be honest, though, I do look up Strategy Pokédex entries for the teammates of the Pokémon that I will be reviewing, because I don’t want my team to be completely improvised.

After I build a team, I go out and find battles under the alt Mygavolt. The number of battles I find depends on my workload (education-wise) and my mood, and I generally wait until after publishing Top Three Thursday to find battles. Sadly, I am low-ranked (or not even ranked at all) in every tier, so I usually cannot give a proper testimony about the prowess of the Pokémon I’m reviewing, nor can I promise top-quality sample teams. I mean, just look at how I’m ranked currently (as of February 25, 2015):

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 10.58.11 PM

NU, LC, and Ubers are the tiers of interest here. The others are battle formats that I decided to try out merely for fun. (I have tested some teams in other tiers, like OU and RU, but I assume the ladder has reset some time between now and then.)


Finally, here’s a follow-up of Pokémon that I have reviewed in the past. Click the image(s) of a Pokémon to view my primary analysis of it.

 Gigalith is PU. Coincidentally, Golem also happens to be PU. Not much change, except that Gigalith no longer has to worry about Seismitoad. As for the sample team, Omastar is actually RU now, and Mismagius is NU, so the team cannot be used in PU.

 Nothing further to note.

 I’ve said before that Latios was analyzed prior to the official release of its Mega. Its Mega is not much different from its base form except, while it cannot use Trick, its higher base Attack makes it easier to destroy Heatran with Earthquake (requires 152 EVs with neutral nature to guarantee an OHKO, 0 EVs factoring in Stealth Rock; and, for comparison, Life Orb Latios requires 24 EVs with neutral nature to guarantee an OHKO after Stealth Rock). No legality issues with the sample team.

 Nothing further to note.

 Nothing further to note.

  As I mentioned in my 2014 recap of Vouiv-review, Knock Off is better than Night Slash on every set (the analyses were made prior to the ORAS tutors). The sample team is not usable in NU (which is still where Malamar is tiered) because Dragalge is in BL2 (not used enough for UU, but banned from RU) thanks to Adaptability being released.

 Although Lampent’s role is unchanged (set up Trick Room, deal some damage), it faces less competition in PU than in NU. As far as the sample team, note that Granbull and Swellow are not PU-legal.

 Claydol has dropped from RU to NU (and about high time, I say). This means that it is no longer outclassed by Cresselia in every role but Stealth Rock and Rapid Spin. It does, however, face competition with Sandslash in the aforementioned role. To elaborate further, Claydol has better special bulk, higher Speed (outside of sand), Levitate, and resistance to Fighting; meanwhile, Sandslash hits harder, is not weak to Knock Off, has Knock Off, and has better physical bulk. Also, even with the absence of Cresselia, Claydol is still outclassed by a certain Pokémon in every role but Rapid Spin. That Pokémon is Mesprit. While Mesprit lacks Rapid Spin and extra Ground typing, it has better stats overall and access to an improved movepool with Knock Off, Healing Wish, and U-turn. So, if you want to use Claydol, Stealth Rock+Rapid Spin is the only way to do so without being outclassed.

 Nothing further to note.

 Carbink is PU. It still does the same thing. The sample team is not usable in PU, however; Vileplume is NU, and Pangoro is RU now that it has Drain Punch and Knock Off (no Sucker Punch, though…).

 Rapidash is PU, wherein it is the fastest Fire-type but still faces competition with Flareon as an attacker. In the (terrible) sample team, every member but Rapidash and Pawniard is illegal in PU.

 Nothing has changed with Sandslash, except that Claydol’s drop from RU to NU gives it new competition as a Rapid Spinner. The sample team is fine, although note that Swanna is PU.

 Heatmor is PU, and it has a proper entry in the Strategy Pokédex containing the following moveset:

Heatmor @ Life Orb
Ability: Flash Fire
EVs: 56 Atk / 252 SpA / 200 Spe
Rash Nature
– Fire Blast
– Giga Drain
– Low Kick
– Knock Off / Sucker Punch

The Speed investment is “to outspeed neutral-natured Rampardos and Aurorus and OHKO them before they can OHKO it”, while the Attack investment allows it “to 2HKO Lickilicky [with Low Kick] after Stealth Rock damage.” The sample team is unusable; it uses the Heatmor spread I formulated myself, Serperior is now BL thanks to Contrary being released (boy, that escalated quickly), and Weezing, Audino, and Jynx are not PU-legal.

 Floatzel is PU, but its role remains unchanged. In the sample team, nothing but Pikachu-Belle is PU-legal (and Mega Steelix is being suspect tested in NU).

 Nothing further to note.

 Nothing further to note; I just analyzed this Pokémon no more than a week ago.


Also note that there is a suspect test going on in LC, so the usability of the LC sample teams is subject to change.

Nowi Wins À la prochaine! (Until next time!)


Feedback is always appreciated!

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