Top Three Thursday 2/19/15: Favorite Internet memes

Click a header title of a meme to be directed to its KnowYourMeme page.

3. Costanza.jpg / George Costanza Reaction Face

I’m no fan of Seinfeld, but George Costanza’s reaction face and the usability and appropriateness of the quote “I seriously hope you guys don’t do this” (even though he does not say it in the scene from which the image was extracted) give this meme a nice sort of appeal. The quote is more commonly stylized as “ISHYGDDT” or “I shiggy diggy”, the latter of which I actually tend to spew out at times due to something like dumb Battle Maison sets and/or questionable AI.

2. Tony Kornheiser’s “Why”

WHY do I like this meme? There’s something about having an image characterized by a word or phrase that brings out something of a chuckle in me (and there are plenty of gems in the KnowYourMeme gallery). Better yet, it has a number of similar counterparts like “Absolutely Disgusting“, “High Impact Sexual Violence“, “200% Mad“, and, most popular of all, “Expand Dong“. Also, the last of these influenced 2dos’ Twitch channel because it has the FrankerFaceZ emote XPand (), which complements his sub emote dosDang () really well.

1. Yee

On the surface, this video is about a poorly animated dinosaur singing to a generic happy song, only to be interrupted right before the 4th measure by another poorly animated dinosaur saying “YEE”, in response to which the singing dinosaur stops singing and gives a look of contempt.

Even still, I find it funny. Heck, sometimes I find myself quoting the video (with no one around, of course) at the most inappropriate times. There are also some neat video and image derivatives in the KnowYourMeme galleries. I especially like this one:


Honorable mentions: Inigo Montoya’s “You keep using that word; I do not think it means what you think it means” (a suitable reaction to the misuse of words like “irony” and “literally”), (a URL I like to post in a meme-filled Twitch chat), and Shulk’s “I’m Really Feeling It”.


Feedback is always appreciated!

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