Top Three Thursday 2/5/15: Most annoying GH6 guitar charts

Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock (also known as GH6) is a fun game, and it inspired me to create my YouTube accounts (which I hardly use anymore), but there are a number of guitar charts that just make me want to rage, even after playing them only once. Keep in mind that I will only be limiting myself to on-disc songs, as I have not played enough DLC to make a judgement on DLC songs. Without further ado, here are the three guitar charts that bother me the most:

3. Ties That Bind (by Alter Bridge)

Well, this chart is not that bad, but there is one really stupid part in Bridge A+B that expects you to hit four sequences of rapid strumming notes, the first three of which are 72 or 73 notes and the last of which is 91 notes. The total number of notes that require this strumming speed is 309, and the strumming is one of, if not the, fastest in the game. I know a number of GH players who have the endurance to handle it, but I can assure you I am not one of them. Sure, I have something of a good handle on the strumming in Chemical Warfare, but this is just beyond my reach.

2. This Day We Fight! (by Megadeth)

This chart isn’t too bad either—I mean, some of the sections are pretty fun—but as a whole, this chart knows all the right ways to screw me over, what with the amount of weird strumming and funky patterns. The verse riff does not muck around, This Day is a stupid section, and Solo 2 is extremely annoying. It’s charts like this that cause quite a lot of problems for me.

1. Fury of the Storm (by DragonForce)

You know, let me just say this now: it doesn’t really help that so many noobish online players back in the day would select this song just to troll expert guitarists. Heck, some of them just disconnect less than one minute in. Semi-frustration aside, this is probably the most infamous song in the game (being by the same artist as the hardest song in GH3, Through the Fire and Flames), and for a darn good reason. The tiers on ScoreHero say Chemical Warfare is harder, but clearly I don’t believe in those tiers.

But anyway, time to cut to the chase. There are so many difficult sections and so much stupid strumming that it’s enough to deter me from ever going for the FC (full combo). Even the first HOPO-heavy section (Awesome-Sauce Intro B+C) I don’t think I’ve ever FC’d in a real run, and the Strumfests are pretty much just pure luck. After that, everything else with HOPOs (except OMGWTFBBQ, which is a joke) is nothing short of a grate on my nerves. Fury of the Solo I is especially imposing; I’ve only ever hit it once, and that was pure luck. Not to mention the song has an imposing duration of 6’46”.


So, yeah, that’s the extent of my complaints. There are a number of other songs that I haven’t FC’d, but they’re just not as bad. If You Want Peace…Prepare for War (by Children of Bodom) is nice and short and has some fun riffs, but that solo is imposing. Black Widow of La Porte (by John 5 feat. Jim Root) is even longer than FotS (7’25” to be more specific), but the riffs, while some are tricky, are much less annoying. Sudden Death (by Megadeth) just has the intro, Verse 3, and Solo A-C going for it, and it’s shorter than the other lengthy songs (only 5’7″).

Nowi Wins Thanks for reading!


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