Top Three Thursday 1/22/15: Favorite video game characters

Note to followers: the reason why this is later than usual is a simultaneous effect of college and lack of inspiration.

3. Rita Mordio (Tales of Vesperia)

The Tales series (or at least what I’ve played of it) has a number of likable characters, but Rita Mordio is the one I prefer the most. Even though she’s young (which has nothing to do with why I like her), she’s renowned as a “genius mage” and doesn’t afraid of anything. Being a resident magic user in Tales of Vesperia, she is a helpful ally in combat and definitely a force to be reckoned with. Her no-nonsense personality is also something to admire.


2. Yoshi

This character is one that I have liked for so long that I can hardly remember when I started liking him. Perhaps it was during the early years of Super Smash Bros. Melee. Heck, maybe it’s because of Smash Bros. that I even like the character over someone like Dry Bones. What’s not to like, though? He’s a green dinosaur who can eat things and lay eggs (despite being allegedly male), he lets Mario ride him in Super Mario World and Galaxy 2 (and doesn’t seem to harbor any ill will, even when being sacrificed in Mario’s favor), and he’s no wimp in the Smash Bros. series. In short, he’s a kind and helpful ally.


1. Nowi (Fire Emblem Awakening)

To quote what I’ve said before (in Top Three Thursday 7/24):

“Nowi may be a thousand-year-old girl in a child’s body, but that’s not why I like her (and, at the same time, I don’t hold it against her). Rather, this also dates back to my Hard playthrough [of FEA]. Even though Nowi’s stats are not stellar when you recruit her, she can really grow in a way that will make you wonder how she was ever weak in the first place. After 30 levels, Nowi (and manaketes in general—here’s looking at you, Nah) can sponge (and dish out) hits about as well as a General like Kellam could, and manaketes take magical hits (and Hammers/Armorslayers) much better. Also, don’t forget that the basis for my profile icon is Nowi in dragon form. Nowi’s [childish] personality is humorous too.”


Feedback is always appreciated!

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