Spontaneous Saturday 1/3/15: 2014 recap

Well, it looks like 2014 has come to an end and 2015 has just begun (well, “just” in this case is more like two days prior, but that’s beside the point). Thus, I have decided that I will provide a recap of what has become of Vouiv-review from its creation until the end of 2014.

June 1: This was when I decided to create the site and thus start with a Teaser. Initially, I formulated a paradigm that covered Throwback Tuesday, Top Three Thursday, and Spontaneous Saturday, all within a week, with a week-long break after. The purpose of the Teaser was to provide a preview of what was to come. In doing so, the things I described were Amazing Island (Throwback Tuesday), my top three anime (Top Three Thursday), and spring 2014 anime (Spontaneous Saturday).

June 10: Throwback Tuesday: Metroid Prime Hunters. The game is the first of only two Metroid games I have played in my life.

June 12: Top Three Thursday: Katawa Shoujo heroines. I had completely finished Katawa Shoujo at the time and it was quite the fine visual novel, so I felt I would talk about three of the main five heroines.

June 14: Spontaneous Saturday: Conceptis Puzzles. I have been into Conceptis puzzles since I discovered Calcudoku on OneMoreLevel, which is far enough back for me to not know (or care) the exact date, so I decided to discuss a few in detail—particularly Sudoku, Calcudoku, Kakuro, Battleships, and Skyscrapers.

June 24: Throwback Tuesday: Donkey Kong Jungle Beat. One of my favorites for the Gamecube, but it is pretty difficult/painful to optimize. As a matter of fact, I don’t know if I could 100% the game again.

June 26: Top Three Thursday: SGDQ 2014 moments (so far). I was absorbed in SGDQ at the time, so I decided to talk about MattyIce3131’s blindfolded Super Meat Boy world 1 run, TheBlazeJP’s Trials Evolution run, and Cosmo’s ZZT run. On that note, this year’s AGDQ (Awesome Games Done Quick, the winter equivalent of SGDQ) is scheduled this month from the 4th to the 10th.

June 28: Spontaneous Saturday: Water. Water is not something we can take for granted. Because it is my most consumed beverage, what I bathe in, and much more, I actually decided to review it in as much detail as possible. This looks to be the most terse post I have on the site.

July 8: Throwback Tuesday: Azumanga Daioh. This was honestly a topic for lack of a better topic, and I was somewhat reluctant to talk about it. Even so, I managed, and it’s not that I don’t enjoy the anime; on the contrary, it’s pretty good. It is, in fact, the first anime I have ever watched completely.

July 10: Top Three Thursday: Team Fortress 2 classes. Ah, the good old days when I could play Team Fortress 2 without fear of endangering my keyboard. This post talks about Scout, Heavy, and Pyro.

July 12: Spontaneous Saturday: Conceptis Puzzles part 2. Here, I decided to expand upon my 6/14 post and talk about Tic-Tac-Logic, Hitori, Fill-a-Pix, Pic-a-Pix, and Nurikabe.

July 22: This was when the paradigm shift happened. Rather than the initial paradigm described before, I decided to replace Throwback Tuesday with Poké Monday (where I talk about random Pokémon and their competitive value), as I was running out of potential topics for Throwback Tuesday (if I’d had any at the time) and…well, the rest of the reason is in the post titled Schedule Update. Also, I decided to space everything out more because a whole week of respite is too much and so is a whole week of work. Therefore, the new paradigm is as it has been up to today: Top Three Thursday, Poké Monday, and Spontaneous Saturday, in that order, each cycle spanning over two weeks.

July 24: Top Three Thursday: Fire Emblem Awakening characters. The game remains one of my all-time favorites, as well as the basis behind my profile icon. The list is based on preference, not the metagame.

July 28: Poké Monday: Gigalith. Stealth Rock setter in NU with fewer weaknesses and better stats than Golem.

August 2: Spontaneous Saturday: Codecademy. This is where I found tutorials on a number of programming concepts, including new languages alongside the Java and C++ I had known previously.

August 7: Top Three Thursday: Pokémon. While it was a topic for lack of a better topic, I think it went over well, all things considered. The list is based on preference, not the metagame.

August 11: Poké Monday: Litleo. An interesting Pokémon in LC known mostly as a Fire-type special attacker with unique typing that can also, if given the opportunity, make use of its Moxie.

August 16: Spontaneous Saturday: Thoughts on Summer 2014 anime (5-6 episodes in). I gave my impressions on Jinsei, Majimoji Rurumo, Persona 4 the Golden Animation, Re:_Hamatora, and Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance, as well as a brief statement on a few slightly older series, mid-progress.

August 21: Top Three Thursday: Video games I play on a regular basis. That was then and this is now. Now that I am in possession of Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney (which I’ve almost completed) and Super Smash Brothers for Wii U, as well as Pokémon Omega Ruby, I am more focused on those games for the time being. However, I might get back to one of the games listed, namely Fire Emblem Awakening; I still have yet to complete that support log (without backup saves, as I’ve said before).

August 25: Poké Monday: Latios. Specially offensive Dragon-type in OU that can also put non-offensive moves to use, but not as much so as his twin sister. Keep in mind that this analysis was written prior to the release of Mega Latios (in ORAS).

August 30: Spontaneous Saturday: Conceptis Puzzles part 3 (finale). I decided to wrap up the topic of Conceptis puzzles by talking about Link-a-Pix, Hashi, and Slitherlink. Looking back, what was I thinking with that third point in the second bulleted list under Hashi?

September 4: Top Three Thursday: Twitch Streamers. This list is based on personal preference, not the overall success of the streamers. All of them are still entertaining to watch, only I don’t hang around Cirno’s stream as often.

September 8: Poké Monday: Makuhita. A Fighting-type in LC that is almost, and I mean almost, outclassed by Machop.

September 13: I posted and front-paged a little information about myself: “who I am and what I am doing”, as a replacement for the Spontaneous Saturday scheduled for that day. Basically, I do this for fun.

September 18: Top Three Thursday: Grammar Pet Peeves. My attempt was to raise awareness about grammatical errors (but actually more like usage errors) that I see frequently.

September 22: Poké Monday: Bronzor. A utility Pokémon in LC that is worsened due to the Steel-type nerf and Knock Off buff of gen 6.

September 27: Spontaneous Saturday: Because it’s fun. A random rant about fun and what it means.

October 2: Top Three Thursday: Anime theme songs. Some Japanese music has really captured my fancy, so I decided one day to make a top three about it.

October 6: Poké Monday: Malamar. A Pokémon in NU with only one thing going for it: Contrary Superpower. Note that this is also pre-ORAS and that Knock Off is better than Night Slash on every set.

October 11: Spontaneous Saturday: Fall 2014 anime. I analyzed what I thought of the first episodes of Log Horizon second season, Trinity Seven, and Hi☆sCoool! SeHa Girls.

October 16: Top Three Thursday: Bravely Default Jobs. I gave my opinion on 3 of the 24 jobs available in Bravely Default, as well as a few mentions of other abilities, based on their in-game prowess and my personal preference.

October 20: Poké Monday: Lampent. A NFE (Not Fully Evolved) Pokémon in NU with unique typing and the niche of being the only Fire-type in the tier with access to Trick Room.

October 25: Spontaneous Saturday: Idea Dump. I had no specific topic in mind, so I just threw a bunch of random things in the post, namely data from Fire Emblem Awakening and Bravely Default, and some duos in anime that I find remarkably similar.

October 30: Top Three Thursday: Ghost-type Pokémon. In early celebration of Halloween, I found it appropriate to discuss Ghost-type Pokémon. Again, the list is based on preference, not the metagame.

November 3: Poké Monday: Claydol. A utility Pokémon in RU with feeble offensive prowess but usable bulk and okay typing.

November 8: Spontaneous Saturday: How I approach video games. A random rant on what I thought to be an oddity in my preference for video games. Really, though, it’s just a matter of testing the waters.

November 13: Top Three Thursday: Surprises in anime. Some anime series are fairly predictable, while others have unexpected surprises. This post covered a few that were particularly surprising.

November 17: Poké Monday: Thundurus. An OU Pokémon of two forms: one has the choice between Prankster and Defiant, and the other requires a buff in Speed to be usable.

November 22: Spontaneous Saturday: Pokémon HeartGold Super Randomizer Nuzlocke progress. Pokémon are nicknamed after Twitch emotes. As of now, I have no motivation to make further progress.

November 27: Top Three Thursday: Starter Pokémon. This post is about my top 3 starter evolutionary lines, based more on preference than on the metagame.

November 29: This was when I made a minor change to Poké Monday: “if the randomized number corresponds to a middle-stage Pokémon whose evolution is in NU (just as in this case) or a Pokémon banned from LC whose evolution is in NU, I will randomize again.”

December 1: Poké Monday: Carbink. A Pokémon in NU with pitiful offense but some neat utility options.

December 6: Spontaneous Saturday: Progress through Omega Ruby. A report of my progress when I had 6 badges.

December 11: Top Three Thursday: Anime characters to whom I can relate. I was reluctant to do this one as well, but I had no other real topic in mind. Some anime series are completely far-fetched, but that does not mean that they are devoid of relatable characters.

December 15: Poké Monday: Rapidash. A Fire-type physical attacker in NU that has an interesting niche over other Fire-types: Morning Sun.

December 20: Spontaneous Saturday: Idea Dump 2. Here, I felt like disclosing goings-on between Poké Monday and then, namely the anime I have watched and any projects in Pokémon Omega Ruby that stand out.

December 25: Top Three Thursday: Ice-type Pokémon. In celebration of Christmas, I found it appropriate to discuss Ice-type Pokémon. Again, the list is based on preference, not the metagame.

December 29: Poké Monday: Sandslash. A Rapid Spinner in NU with arguably the best typing of its kindred; can also set up Stealth Rock.

Nowi Wins Here’s to another good year!


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