Top Three Thursday 12/11: Anime characters to whom I can relate

3. Yui Hirasawa (K-On!)

Now, I’m no guitarist (and my proficiency at Guitar Hero has nothing to do with that), but I feel like my work ethic and personality are very similar to that of Yui. I get distracted easily, I mostly depend on others for resources, I learn more through practice than I do through studying, I tend to limit my worries to more short-term problems, and there are many things I forget until someone or something reminds me. However, unlike Yui, I am always wary about what I communicate and with whom I communicate. I may be easily distracted, but I tend to distance myself when it comes to communication.


2. Shiroe (Log Horizon)

Log Horizon season 2 episode 9 made me contemplate: what if, instead of being absorbed in a world of entertainment, I had thought about opening myself up to others and disciplining myself more while I pursue my educational degree? The former is not so easy because of my autism, but the latter…well, perhaps I should give that more thought. At any rate, I find myself like Shiroe because I wear glasses, I like to strategize (which is why I like RPGs so much), I have an unappealing appearance, and I am not very good in social situations. Also, like Shiroe, when I am met with worrisome circumstances, I think, with a good portion of the time I have, about what I could have done wrong and change plans accordingly. (This is probably only human, but whatever.) However, while I have been involved with people online, I am hardly in touch with any of them as of late (barring Twitch streamers, whom I visit every now and again); Shiroe, on the other hand, despite being ill-perceived at times, maintains strong bonds with his comrades.


1. Mega Drive (Hi☆sCoool! SeHa Girls)

Honestly, I never considered any sort of resemblance to Mega Drive until a recent meeting I had with one of my academic advisors, who described me as a “processor.” Then, she was the first character who popped into my mind; I recall during episode 3 that she had a hard time following the dance moves in Space Channel 5 due to her nature as a processor. There are also obvious similarities between us: glasses and reservedness. Also, Mega Drive is usually seen carrying a book around and, while I am not much of a bookworm, I can only stand going so long without any electronics (laptop, DS, and others) to accompany me. However, I am familiar with inline skates (although not at the tier of Dreamcast and Saturn and their craziness during episode 10) and my hair is brown.


Feedback is always appreciated!

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