Spontaneous Saturday 12/6: Progress through Omega Ruby

This may or may not have been destined to be a game completion post, but, you know, college happened. It’s the last week of the semester; please understand.


In-game Name: Hibari

Gender: female

This, at its roots, is a reference to Senran Kagura. There are two characters in the game/anime series: Haruka and Hibari. Haruka also happens to be May’s Japanese name. Since Hibari is almost like a child to Haruka, and the May in ORAS is presumably a descendant of the original May, the name Hibari came to my mind.

Badges: 6

I just beat Winona and am ready to head to Mt. Pyre.

Game time: 23:21

Is this good or bad? I don’t know. I happen to play the game in French, my second language, and this is the second Pokémon game that I have played in that language (the first being Pokémon Y), but I do not know to what extent that matters.

Current impressions: It’s like I’m playing a combination of Pokémon Y and Pokémon Ruby, except I have never played Ruby in my life (only Emerald). It is kinda easy in some aspects, mainly because the Gym Leaders are how they were in Ruby/Sapphire rather than Emerald (I noticed a complaint on my Twitter feed about Tate&Liza) and the overpowered 6th gen Exp. Share, which I turned on at some point to level up the Pickup Zigzagoon/Linoone I had around but turned off because it was making the game too easy. Then again, it is primarily marketed towards kids, and if I wanted a challenge, that’s what Nuzlockes and Scrambles are for. Even still, I like to play games like this one just for fun, so there’s nothing wrong with it. I’m just saying.

On another note, Secret Bases are pretty cool. I tried to get mine to play 11 notes of “That Person’s Name Is” (music from Bravely Default) and…well, see for yourself how it turned out.

Note sequence: [La] [Si] [Do Aigu] [ ] [Si] [La] [Si] [ ] [Sol] [ ] [La] [ ] [Si] [ ] [La] [Mi]

(“La” x4, “Si” x4, “Do Aigu” x1, “Sol” x1, “Mi” x1)

All note tiles are turned upside down to increase their octave.

Current Team

In this playthrough, I tried not to use anything I’ve used in prior Emerald playthroughs or Pokémon Y main game (barring Sceptile, of course), I tried to avoid using repeat types (except Ninjask/Altaria and Altaria/Mega Sceptile), and I wanted to make sure above all else that I had a Surfer and a Flier. That was the basic idea behind my team.

(note: Pokémon, natures, abilities, and moves will be named primarily in English with their French names in [] brackets.)

Super the Gallade [Gallame] (male)
Level: 34
Nature: Bashful [Pudique]
Ability: Steadfast [Impassible]
– Low Sweep [Balayette]
– Psycho Cut [Coupe Psycho]
– Rock Tomb [Tomberoche]
– Bulk Up [Gonflette]

Nickname is a reference to my first Serebii Forums username Super Gallade. It was weak as a Kirlia, but I got the Dawn Stone “early” thanks to Super Training (hah, funny) and now it’s pretty strong.

Midna the Mawile [Mysdibule] (female)
Level: 34
Nature: Jolly [Jovial]
Ability: Intimidate [Intimidation]
– Iron Head [Tête de Fer]
– Play Rough [Câlinerie]
– Crunch [Mâchouille]
– Rock Smash [Éclate-Roc]

Since I got Pokémon Emerald (which was about the same time I got LoZ: Twilight Princess), I’ve always associated Mawile with Midna. I sometimes refer to this Mawile as my saving grace due to its typing and extremely strong mega evolution.

Barbarossa the Whiscash [Barbicha] (male)
Level: 35
Nature: Naïve [Naïf]
Ability: Anticipation [Anticipation]
– Surf [Surf]
– Earthquake [Séisme]
– Zen Headbutt [Psykoud’Boul]
– Rock Tomb [Tomberoche]

Name refers to the character Barbarossa (the pirate) from Bravely Default. It works well due to Whiscash’s affinity with Water and the first four letters matching with Barboach and Barbicha.

Hanzô the Ninjask [Ninjask] (male)
Level: 35
Nature: Docile [Docile]
Ability: Speed Boost [Turbo]
– Aerial Ace [Aéropique]
– Fury Cutter [Taillade]
– Cut [Coupe]
– Dig [Tunnel]

The nickname comes from that it’s a ninja (and I already named the prior Nincada Kôjiro but rejected it because it was freaking Timid) and Hanzō happens to be the name of a (generic) ninja from Pokémon Conquest. I’ve always wanted to use Ninjask, but boy is it frail!

Einheria the Altaria [Altaria] (female)
Level: 35
Nature: Careful [Prudent]
Ability: Natural Cure [Médic Nature]
– Dragon Breath [Dracosouffle]
– Façade [Façade]
– Fly [Vol]
– Steel Wing [Aile d’Acier]

Name refers to the character Einheria (the valkyrie) from Bravely Default. I’ll admit the nickname would be more fitting for shiny Altaria, but you can’t win ’em all. Since before I got the game, I kinda wanted to use Mega Altaria. I was averse to it at first due to already having a Dragon-type in Mega Sceptile (albeit merely a potential Dragon-type), but Mega Altaria is a cool mega because it gains the Fairy-type and the ability Pixilate (to be potentially used with Façade).

Chuckles the Sceptile [Jungko] (male)
Level: 37
Nature: Hasty [Pressé]
Ability: Overgrow [Engrais]
– Leaf Blade [Lame-Feuille]
– Dual Chop [Double Baffe]
– Low Sweep [Balayette]
– Strength [Force]

Kind of an odd case with this nickname. At its roots, it’s based on how people compare Mega Swampert to Knuckles’ Sonic Boom design.


Yep, increased emphasis on the upper body. Thus, I took the bit “They call me Knuckles / Unlike Sonic, I don’t chuckle” from Knuckles’ theme song in Sonic Adventure (“Unknown from M.E.” or something or other) and modified it in favor of Swampert: “They call me Swampert / Unlike Sceptile, I don’t chuckle”. (It doesn’t exactly rhyme, but who cares?) So, that’s where the name came from. At one point, I was tempted to start with Mudkip and name it iDontChuckle, but this works too.

As I do with all of my starters, I try to keep Sceptile the highest-leveled member of my team. It is really fast (even faster naturally than Ninjask thanks to Super Training) and deals a heavy hit, but its Defense stat is nearly nonexistent thanks to its Hasty nature and naturally low defenses. Even still, it’s fun to use, and I do not regret taking it in favor of Mudkip.


http://pastebin.com/HkZWcb8e (It’s TL;DR as crud, but it shows plenty more examples of the nicknames I come up with.)


Feedback is always appreciated!

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