Poké Monday minor update

Okay, so here’s the number I got from random.org while preparing for the next Poké Monday:


583, which corresponds to Vanillish. Now, its evolution, Vanilluxe, is at the lowest possible tier by competitive standards (i.e., NU), and Middle Cup is not popular enough to have a ladder, so there is literally no reason to use Vanillish over Vanilluxe.

Therefore, I will impose a new rule on coming Poké Mondays (as well as this one): if the randomized number corresponds to a middle-stage Pokémon whose evolution is in NU (just as in this case) or a Pokémon banned from LC whose evolution is in NU, I will randomize again.

Affected Pokémon by this rule are: Bayleef, Boldore, Cascoon, Croconaw, Dewott, Electabuzz, Gloom, Graveler, Grotle, Grovyle, Herdier, Jigglypuff, Kakuna, Klang, Lombre, Luxio, Magmar, Metapod, Palpitoad, Pidgeotto, Poliwhirl, Quilava, Sealeo, Servine, Silcoon, Skiploom, Spewpa, Swadloon, Swirlix, Tranquill, Vanillish (the reason for this rule), Vulpix, and Weepinbell.

Of course, I will also be re-randomizing if a number is a repeat from a prior Poké Monday, and I will make it a thing to note numbers that I have rejected due to defying any of these two restrictions.

Thank you for your attention, and until Monday.


Feedback is always appreciated!

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