Top Three Thursday 11/13: Surprises in anime

Anime has its fair share of predictable moments, but there are some moments in anime that I have watched that had me asking questions like, “What the heck just happened?” Here are a few that I found particularly surprising. (WARNING: spoilers inbound)

3. Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei episode 2 ending

This, I feel, is the first and best moment in Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei after which we can say that Shiba Tatsuya is overpowered. In this particular scene, Hanzou Hattori engages in a duel with Tatsuya and, even though the former specifically outlined his plan for winning to the viewers, but he didn’t win because Tatsuya somehow teleported behind him and managed to knock him out before he got a chance to cast the spell (and the fact that Tatsuya was portrayed as a weakling prior to that moment made it all the better). The “somehow” is described in detail (or at least what the creators consider “detail”) at the beginning of episode 3, but boy was I eager to know all about it after I first watched episode 2. In fact, I think this is the episode that told me, “Hey, you like this anime, don’t you?” And I do. I truly do.

2. Mahou Sensou ending

This is the only moment on the list (and the only moment I can think of) that is surprising in a bad way. The ending of Mahou Sensou is the reason why it dropped from somewhere around my 10th favorite anime to my 20th favorite. Honestly, it seems more rushed than anything; they skipped Isoshima’s rescue to focus centrally on the fight between Takeshi and Gekkou and the war between Wizard Brace and the Ghost Trailers—and the former, I feel, did not end well. Apparently, Takeshi and Gekkou got out of hand with their powers and were transported to the past where Takeshi, while sitting on a park bench near the school, remained unnoticed by anyone but Gekkou who, while passing by, uttered the words, “I’ve been waiting for you, Takeshi…” What I’m questioning is: Why did they skip Isoshima’s rescue? Why does the director (Monoka Shijou) have magic that can take people back in time? How will Takeshi and Gekkou act now that they don’t have weapons and they’re in the past? What was it that Takeshi’s mother said to him that made anything clear? How will either Takeshi and/or Gekkou get back, if at all? These questions will probably be left unanswered because there’s little chance of a second season if you ask me.


This is Tet from No Game No Life. He’s a guy. I didn’t know that until the second half of the anime.


Heh, actually, that’s not the number one surprise. In all seriousness:

1. Hamatora season 1 ending

Of all the moments in Hamatora, the ending of season 1 remains the one that has surprised me the most. I mean, it’s cool that Moral lost against Nice, but wait…who shot Moral? Wait, Art’s back? I thought he was shot down in episode 7. Wait, he shot Nice!? I thought they were friends! Yeah…that was pretty much my reaction to that ending. It is cleared up in the second season why Art was still alive and why he shot Nice, but it was beyond my comprehension the first time it happened. I’m also surprised they came out with a second season so soon; season 1 aired Winter 2014 and season 2 aired Summer 2014. I’m glad, too; I was wondering if the questions raised by the first season would just go unanswered, but…far from it.


Feedback is always appreciated!

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