Top Three Thursday 10/30: Ghost-type Pokémon

With Halloween drawing near, what better way to celebrate than to formulate a top three on Ghost-type Pokémon? Well, I can think of several different things, but they’re all out of my comfort zone. So, without further ado…


3. Froslass

What is it that I like about Froslass? Its high Speed? Its unique typing? Its interesting movepool? Yeah, that’s pretty much it. Fast Pokémon are pretty cool, even if they are weak (I mean, base 80 attacking stats, that’s subpar), as long as they can run a set that takes advantage of their Speed. Spikes+Taunt+Ice Beam+Destiny Bond seems to be the ideal set, but Choice Specs with Ice Beam+Shadow Ball+Thunderbolt+Trick/Destiny Bond is a cool set as well. I mean, base 110 is not actually that fast, but at least it’s above average. Still, it does have an interesting movepool, for sure.


2. Golurk

Having unique typing in Ghost/Ground and being one of the few grounded Pokémon with access to the move Fly are what distinguishes Golurk from other Ghost-types. (It is also the only Ghost-type with access to Stealth Rock.) Reliable physical Ghost STAB is hard to come by and the most reliable, Shadow Claw, is not even available to Golurk, but at least it gets Iron Fist-boosted Shadow Punch which, while lacking the heightened critical hit chance, is slightly more powerful (72 vs. 70) and never misses. Sure, Phantom Force may be even more powerful, but it’s not reliable due to its one-turn delay that can be exploited through switching or Substitute. Never mind its Ghost STAB, though; it has one heck of an Earthquake. Also, it looks pretty cool.


1. Shedinja

Shedinja is a really interesting Pokémon. It has a max HP of 1 and an interesting ability in Wonder Guard, the latter of which gives it 13 immunities. Its method of obtaining is also very interesting; you evolve a Nincada with a Poké Ball in your inventory and a free space in your party, and it just suddenly appears. The sad thing is, though, its offensive stats are pretty bad (90 Atk, 30 SpA, and 40 Speed) and it doesn’t get very useful moves (its best options are X-scissor, Shadow Sneak/Sucker Punch, and Will-o-wisp). Still, it is very interesting.


One thought on “Top Three Thursday 10/30: Ghost-type Pokémon

  1. Nice, surprised that the Gastly line aren’t on here. I like all three of these pokemon, they are so cool and I have trained each of them at one time or another. Finally got to train Shedinja in X and Y and that was super nice.

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