Spontaneous Saturday 10/25: Thought Dump

Thanks to bad time management, I am formulating this past midnight with no specific topic in mind. So, I suppose I’ll just post some random stuff here.


Some random Bravely Default data

Some random Fire Emblem Awakening data


Some anime duos I’ve noticed as of late (all images are taken from MAL):

(No Game No Life)
(Trinity Seven)

What they have in common: The male (left) speaks and acts from his heart with not much consideration of the consequences, while the female (right) is always there to question the male’s actions.



(Acchi Kocchi)
(Log Horizon)

What they have in common: The male (left) is oblivious to any form of affection and the female (right) is in love but does not have the will to express it (hello dramatic irony).


One last set of duos:

(Machine-Doll wa Kizutsukanai)
(Black Bullet)

What they have in common: The male (left) has a master-familiar relationship with the female (right). Even when the male gets reckless (which is often), the female stays by his side. The female wants to marry the male, but the male refuses the possibility.


I don’t know what else to put here…

Nowi Wins Nowi wins!


Feedback is always appreciated!

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