Top Three Thursday 9/4: Twitch Streamers

I have to say, is a magnificent website. Day by day, I find one reason or another to click the bookmark, find my favorite streamer among those whom I follow, and enjoy. Speaking of favorites, for this Top Three Thursday, I will talk about…well, my top three. Note that they are mostly speedrunners.

3. DarkSpinesSonic

Pretty much the go-to Sonic speedrunner. Sonic Lost World, Sonic Heroes (notably Team Rose), Sonic Colors, Sonic Riders, and even the infamous Sonic ’06 are among the games he runs. He’s a chill streamer who is sometimes entertaining and sometimes informative (and finds cool glitches, like this one for instance). Notable subscriber emotes include dssSanic , dssClap , and dssPalc 

2. 360chrism

A Germany-based speedrunner, most notable for his skill at 3D Mario games. He is, to date, the only streamer crazy enough to run Super Mario 64, Super Mario Galaxy, Super Mario Sunshine, and Super Mario Galaxy 2 (in that order) all 100% and in one sitting…three times. His best time in this category (known as 602, the total number of stars/shines collected) is just below 24 hours. Additionally, he is the world record holder for Galaxy 2 100% and speedruns Super Mario 64 ROM hacks from time to time, notably Star Road. Notable subscriber emotes include chrisFrankersaur , chrisHi , and chrisRIP 

1. Cirno_TV

Canadian semi-speedrunner who assumes the identity of a Touhou character. As far as speedrunning, he tends to run Steam games like Half-Life, Mirror’s Edge, Super Meat Boy, and both Portal games. He’s not all about speedrunning, though; he sometimes plays games for fun (and has a special day of the week, Fungame Friday, dedicated to the practice). What I enjoy best at Cirno’s stream, though, is the chat and its tendency to get lewd, as well as the subscriber emotes. Notable subscriber emotes include cirFairy , cirLewd , and cirPrise 


Feedback is always appreciated!

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