Top Three Thursday 7/24: Fire Emblem Awakening characters

I can’t say I’m a veteran to the Fire Emblem franchise (I’ve only played Awakening and Radiant Dawn, in that order), but I can say that Fire Emblem Awakening has seized a good portion of my time and interest since the moment I purchased it. After completing Normal and Hard Classic once each (I tried Lunatic, but it’s too much for me), I decided to dedicate the aforementioned time to completing the support log, SpotPass characters included (the traditional way, no backup file abuse), and it’s been fun dissecting the game and discovering its mechanics. Anyway, enough rambling; on to listing my top 3 FE: Awakening characters.

3. Anna

Anna was the one I decided to marry in my first Normal playthrough (and my older brother did too, which was entirely coincidental) just because of her red hair, her peppiness, her status as a locksmith, and her inability to marry any unit other than the avatar. I was leaning towards Miriel at first, but I figured she would be better with Virion (don’t ask why). Other than that, my decision didn’t falter. The Morgan I got from the marriage was one heck of an Assassin (even though she unfortunately died at Chapter 22).

2. Kellam

I became attached to Kellam during my Hard playthrough. In that playthrough, I chose a female avatar instead of a male one. Kellam was the earliest male I didn’t have a plan for (I wanted Frederick to protect Lissa, Chrom to be with Sumia, and Virion to be with Cherche), and I was not nearly disappointed when I paired him with my female avatar. The duo was monstrous early-game, Kellam having stellar Strength and Defense and the avatar taking care of magical business while still being physically bulky thanks to the support bonuses (my female avatar had an asset in Luck and a flaw in HP). They produced a Morgan of equal caliber who was able to sponge physical hits as if it were nothing (and use Rally Spectrum+Defense, which would increase the Defense of nearby units by 8 and all other stats by 4, to safeguard other units from otherwise deadly situations). Incidentally, their Strength and Defense caps were 50 or higher as Generals.

1. Nowi

Disclaimer: I am not a pedophile and am equally indifferent towards older women. Nowi may be a thousand-year-old girl in a child’s body, but that’s not why I like her (and, at the same time, I don’t hold it against her). Rather, this also dates back to my Hard playthrough. Even though Nowi’s stats are not stellar when you recruit her, she can really grow in a way that will make you wonder how she was ever weak in the first place. After 30 levels, Nowi (and manaketes in general—here’s looking at you, Nah) can sponge (and dish out) hits about as well as a General like Kellam could, and manaketes take magical hits (and Hammers/Armorslayers) much better. Also, don’t forget that the basis for my profile icon is Nowi in dragon form. Nowi’s personality is humorous too.


Feedback is always appreciated!

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