Schedule Update

Throwback Tuesday is officially (and perhaps irrevocably) cancelled. I just have trouble finding the inspiration to write such a review off the top of my head, let alone find a topic, because I’m not a man of the past and everything I “haven’t visited in a while” is either not that far past or completely obscured from my memory. Instead, I decided to modify the schedule a bit. Starting this week, it will be a cycle that goes in the following order:

  1. Top Three Thursday
  2. Poké Monday
  3. Spontaneous Saturday

Each cycle will take up two weeks. Also, I updated the freeware-quality banner by modifying the left strip and making the Spontaneous Saturday strip look better.

On Poké Monday, I will generate a random number between 1 and 721 (yes, this will include the unreleased Pokémon Hoopa and Volcanion), most likely on, and do as much of an analysis as I can on that Pokémon. I will take the generated Pokémon and build a team around it on Pokémon Showdown to get a good idea of just what the Pokémon does.

Top Three Thursday and Spontaneous Saturday will be the same as usual.

That’s all for the update. Thanks for reading.


Feedback is always appreciated!

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