Top Three Thursday 7/10: Team Fortress 2 classes

(Disclaimer: Before I start, let me just say that I am a free-to-play (F2P) Team Fortress 2 player who has not played the game in about a month due to keyboard problems and uses a freaking trackpad. Are we clear? Good. Curious about my Steam profile? Click here. Wondering what Team Fortress 2 even is? Click here.)

3. Scout

Gotta go fast! Scout may have the lowest health in the game (shared with Sniper and Spy), but he is the fastest runner and can double jump. Heck, if he has one or two of the Force-a-Nature, the Atomizer, or full Soda Popper hype, he can get even more jumps! He can be seen running around trying to capture points, diverting a sentry’s firing patterns using Bonk, or residually pestering an enemy. However, what makes him really awesome is his role in Mann vs. Machine (MVM): an irreplaceable money collector. He can also use Mad Milk and either the Fan o’ War or the Sandman with “Mark on Death” upgrade to support the team against giant robots.

2. Heavy

I can’t not include Heavy in this one. While he is the slowest class in the game, his unmatched health and massive DPS (damage per second) make him a class to be feared in combat. If you ask me, though, his real selling point is the way he talks. Click here and/or here to get a load of some of the lines he delivers.

1. Pyro

Despite being a man(?) of few (articulate) words and unparalleled ambiguity, Pyro is actually a legit dude. (Okay, Pyro’s gender is not 100% known, but I’m calling it male for now.) As a class, Pyro is known for being all up in the enemies’ faces and burning them to ashes. However, he gets beaten one-on-one by Heavies (under fair circumstances, of course) and is powerless in ranged combat (barring the Flare Gun, Detonator, Manmelter, or Scorch Shot), so his role is more geared towards setting up ambushes, checking for Spies using any flamethrower, and potentially protecting friendly Engineer buildings using the Homewrecker, Maul, or Neon Annihilator. In addition, with an Übercharge under his belt, he could clean house on an enemy Engineer’s buildings using the Homewrecker or the Maul. On a final note, his lines during battle are humorous when delivered through his gas mask. (Click here or here for his lines.)


Feedback is always appreciated!

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